Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Theme Club Ideas

If you are procrastinating in club planning for the spring and need some theme ideas, here you go. The first list is a typical schedule you could do this spring and below that are some other options to substitute in.

Feb 7- Superbowl Club: Day after superbowl, dress footbally, do an actual bowling contest with a fake bowling ball and rubber bins, superbowl trivia, sing National Anthem to start, brown balloon pop, half-time show, pre-made superbowl commericials

Feb 14-Love Club: On or around Valentines Day, use Antonio Amore character (come out to the song "That's Amore" and his line is "I do not push, I do not shove, I am as sweet as a turtle dove, I get my looks from the man above, my name's Amore, my name means love), Dating Game/Singled Out, conversation hearts game,
Speed Dating Mixer, Newlywed Game, blindfolded feel the legs and guess the guy game, Dr Phil love advice (pickup lines)

Feb 21-Disney Club: Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid), In the Jungle (Lion King), Costume Contest, Movie Poster Trivia

Feb 28-Fake Injury Club: Sing "Break Your Heart" by Taio Cruz, show Fail videos, do fake 2x4 skydiving, sleeping gag wrestling, staring contest, Dr’s Office Skit, run-on characters get injured, etc...

March 7- March Madness Club: kids come dressed in their favorite school colors, play indoor knockout basketball with nerf goals, fill out tourny brackets, indoor dunk contests, have video going of bball hi-lites

March 14-St. Patty's Club or Ms. Shamrock- (St. Pattys day is Thurs March 17, 2011). Have a contest where senior gals participate in a Ms. Shamrock pageant (like Mr. Christmas Tree for the guys), shoot lucky charms out of your nose, Host for the night is Patty O’furniture

March 21-Talent Show Club: Call it "Titans' Got Talent" (substitute your school's mascot), allow kids chance to showcase real talent, prizes for winners--Get old TV paint it gold, have tryouts, get diversity of talent, grades, gender. Limit time to 3 mins/person or group.

March 28- Do a non-club event like Bigger Better Best or Find your leader at a local mall

April 4- Youtube Club- remake viral videos, have popcorn, treat the night like you're in a movie theatre

April 11-Bubble Club- use bubble wrap, bubble gum sculptures, biggest bubble contest, get creative

April 18-Wipeout Beach Party- create outdoor games like the TV show Wipeout, have kids wear leis and flowered shirts, swim trunks, shades, sunscreen, play volleyball before

April 25-No Club due to Spring Break

May 2- Tacky Prom- dance contest, crown Prom king and queen, prom photos, etc...

May 9- Senior Club- Seniors run club and talk


Harry Potter Club
Twin Club

Backwards Club
Kidnap Club
Breakfast Club

Little Timmy's birthday

Cops and Robbers Club
Mustache Club
Hip-Hop Club
Ice Cold
Glow Club
Blacklight Club
Fear Factor
Minute 2 Win It Club
Bigger Better Best Club
Find Your Leader Club
Baby Club
Nerd Club
Couch Olympics
Pizza Olympics

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  1. Don't forget "GLEE CLUB!"

    Don't Stop Believing, Sweet Caroline, Hit me Baby One More Time, Livin' on a Prayer, Soul Sister, the opportunities are endless!

    Leaders/ Senior Leaders could sing everything, rather than talking and instead of getting pied, get slushied!