Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer Camp Program Idea Contest

Some of our YL friends around the country will have the challenge and high privilege of doing program at summer camps beginning in less than a month. While most of them have their basic direction of their characters and plot already decided, I thought it would be fun to have a little contest and offer them some collaborative help and suggestions.

Do you have some fun, fresh, and creative ideas for summer camp program? If so, comment in the "comments" section below this post, or email me at YL1941 at gmail dot com. I'll post the submissions and the winner of the best (or most usable idea) will win the chance to share your idea with the world of YL leaders right here on the Young Life Leader Blog. It will also be quite booyah to hopefully see your idea used in summer programs all over the country!

Here's some thoughts to get your creative juices flowin':
-Hot new songs that could be played as fill music or used as club songs
-Any quotes (or usable material) from new movies that most kids have seen (ex: Fast Five)
-Large group outdoor mixers that have never been done before
-Funny, new unique ideas for program characters
-Fresh Leader skits for entertainment night

Get creative. Share those ideas. Remember...sharing is caring.


  1. Here are a couple of songs that have been huge hits for us this year:
    Firework by Katy Perry
    Boondocks by Little Big Town

  2. How bout get some baseball catchers gear and a bat and do a joust contest

  3. Rough idea but thought I'd share.

    DJ Status and DJ Drop It.

    Come out in full gear. Large headphones, singing to themselves holding one ear, ect.

    My name is DJ Drop It cause I drop the beat like it's hot and my name is DJ Status cause when I update my beat everyones gonna like it

    DJ Drop It is an owner of a DJ company with his son DJ Status. The dad is about to retire and wants Status to take over the company. To do this he has to prove himself all week through a series of challeneges to become the new owner. Obstacle Course - becuase parties are like a jungle and you need to know how to bop and weave when people through things at you if they dont like the song. Western night - must know country music if you are going to be a good DJ, Vollyball tournament - going to need to be quick with your hands to turn those tables, ect.

    Not sure about specific games or music.