Monday, June 27, 2011

You Know You're At YL Camp When...

We just returned from an amazing week at Sharptop Cove. After one of the leader meetings, a few of us came up with the list below. Feel free to add to it in the comment section.
You Know You're At Young Life Camp When...

  • You can't start your day without Honey Nut Scooters and CoCo Roos.
  • Everything you own is somewhere between damp and soaking wet.
  • Most of your energy is spent protecting Timmy, the Summer Staff Lifeguard, from your 10th grade girls.
  • You realize your girls just convinced you to spend $10 in the craft shack getting a feather in your hair.
  • The first three minutes of your fifteen minutes of silence is spent trying to get that new Bieber song out of your head.
  • You begin to actually like the combination smell of Axe Body Spray and wet socks.
  • The towel exchange is the highlight of your day.
  • You begin expecting dessert at every meal... and wondering why your pants won't button by day 4.
  • The camp speaker doesn't walk out of club after his talk. No, he crowd surfs.
  • You realize there's over $10,000 worth of Chacos on property.
  • You catch yourself and another male leader singing Taylor Swift in the shower.
  • Western night is merely a chance to show your guys you don't need charcoal on your face since you can actually grow a stache.
  • You get tendinitis in your elbow from those 27 holes of Frisbee golf you're playing each day.
  • You don't bother washing your feet in the shower, since the shower is actually a swamp puddle of mud, hair, and wet boxers.
  • You're wearing a braided bandana on your wrist. Hmm.

What would you add?


  1. lololol, this is the perfect list! How about, "You have bruises in places you never knew you had until after the obstacles course".

  2. Love it!

    "The skit characters' one-liners end up in your daily conversation for weeks after you return."

    "You wash your hair 3 times after Western night, but still wake up with flour from the carnival caked in your hair the next morning."

    "You feel the wind in the clubroom from all the highschoolers standing up for Say-So."

    God is good! Glad you had such a great week at STC!

  3. "Half of your clothes are missing because all of your kids took them"

    "You have a horrible 1-piece tan line after pool Olympics"

    "You drink coffee at leader meeting every NIGHT"

    STC is an awesome place to encounter God...took girls there two weeks ago!

  4. Your voice is gone because you had too much fun (quote from one of the kids at my last year leading kids at camp).

    You won't go anywhere without a Nalgene filled with ice water, a bandana, and your dog-eared bible.

  5. haha! I sent a volunteer leader named Timmy to be a life guard on summer staff. Glad to hear there are people out there looking out for him!

  6. Your voice is gone by day 3. You have calves of steel from all the hills. You have half a dozen new catch phrases thanks to the program team. Ryan Long's "Change Me" is on repeat in your head. Your quiet time spot's God-created beauty takes your breath away.

  7. I know a Timmy that has lifeguarded the last two years. He looks young, so that is very possible! In fact it is the same Timmy as Ryann's, I knew him first though! haha

  8. You laugh at the program more than your kids do.

  9. No matter how worn out you are, blue drink fixes all.