Thursday, August 4, 2011

8 Things Every Young Life Leader Needs To Do Before School Starts

If you're allowed on campus, write a thank you note to the principal at your high school.

"Dance Children Dance" by Jim Rayburn III. Few things will better kick-start your Young Life year.

Ask your church to commission you as a "missionary" to the high school. You need to be sent out from your local body with prayer and support. If you haven't done so yet, schedule a meeting with your pastor to share your vision and call.

Serve at your high school. Before the school year starts connect with the administration, athletic director, PTA, after-prom committee and teachers. Let them know that you want to serve the school and ask how you can do it. Do it without strings attached. Just to help the school. Who's going to turn that down?

Prayer Team
Form a prayer support team. Specifically ask friends and mentors to be on it. You need folks you can call and email when you're struggling or rejoicing in ministry. Create that email group so you can quickly shoot out those prayer requests and praises.

Financial Aid
Form a financial support team. Doing contact work often costs $. If that stresses you out, ask for help. There are plenty of folks out there who wish they had the time to be a leader but they don't. What they do have is $. And they would love to donate it to helping you reach kids for Christ. Just ask.

Facebook Wisdom
Remove all the summer pics of you in a swimsuit off of your Facebook profile. Trust me. We live in a perverted world. It's worse than you think. Do you really want kids lusting after you? Do it now.

Get a copy of the yearbook. Ask to borrow one from a high school friend. Make photocopies. Pray through it at night. Learn kids names. Be a student of your school.

What would you add?


  1. Go up the the high school. Sports practices, band camp and freshman orientation are awesome contact work opportunities.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing. Good reminder for all of us.

  3. Have a meeting with your campaigners kids to talk about the upcoming school year and how they can get their friends involved with YL

  4. Inquire if there is a spiritual club or organization in your school. It is always good to be with people with the same interests as you do. If there is none in your school yet, seek for advice and permission do start one. Since you spend most time of your day at school, it is a good place to start sharing your faith :)