Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Digital Contact Work

Simple idea. Many of you already do it.
I wish I had learned to do it earlier.

Take pictures at games, practices, concerts, tailgates, anywhere kids are. Not just Young Life events, but school events.

Post those pictures on facebook. Tag your friends. Make funny comments. Make sure that your photo privacy settings for those photos are set to "Friends of Friends" so that high schoolers and parents that you are not fb friends with will still be able to see them.

Don't be creepy. Take pics of your friends, but don't overdo it.

If you have a good camera, kids and parents will appreciate having access to the high quality photos. Even if you don't have a good camera, use your phone. It's easy and quick to upload.

What other digital contact work ideas do you have?


  1. I second all of these ideas, they have worked wonders in our area. I've foubd out as of late that many of our kids are on Twitter as well. It seems that the dynamic, at least in our area, has been for the kids to have their facebook for fun times but have a quietly protected twitter account where there are more open and more real about who they are and what they're feeling.Thankfully I've had one as well, and much longer than they, so they allow me to follow them on twitter, some leaders who were newer to the game weren't so lucky. It can be risky business and it was strangely hard to not have my feelings hurt when a kid blocked me! That being said, there are always detractors to social media who say its doing all kinds of detrimental things to society and whatnot. While I may agree to an extent its always good to remember we're not in a culture war here and we're not looking to change how they communicate. If it takes me swallowing my pride and trying out social media that I may not understand at the onset, then so be it. We're praying that Christ saves their souls, not their taste in cultural trends!

  2. This is such a valuable comment. I've had the same experience with Twitter. Thanks to whoever left it. I'd love to take these thoughts and expand it into another blog post on the high school dynamics of social media. If anyone else has some thoughts, please share.

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