Thursday, September 1, 2011

Club Song Schedule For The Fall (Part 1)

Here is a newly updated sample song schedule that you could use this fall semester.It's generalized, and not theme club specific, so you will want to tweak it according to the theme of the club you're doing and the talk you are giving.

Here's a basic structure for how we try to pick club songs.It doesn't always work out exactly this way, but its where we begin.We typically plan/practice 7-8 songs and often end up doing only 6 of them because we're short on time.

3 song sets
1. Fast Fun Song
2. Newer popular radio song
3. Silly rap medley or chant (Bananas, Fresh Prince)

4. Fun Oldie (Buttercup, Stand By Me, Sweet Caroline)
5. YL classic (Free Fallin', I'll Be, Hero, Miss a thing)
6. Country song (if not already using 1)

7. Content song related to talk
8. Content song related to talk

First Club (Intro talk)
Viva La Vida (Coldplay)
Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
Free Falling/ Rap Medley
Stand By Me
The Cave (Mumford & Sons)
Go Bananas
You Belong with Me (Taylor Swift)
Your Love is Deep (Jami Smith)

Second Club (Person of Christ talk)
Firework (Katy Perry)
Down (Jay Sean)
Use Somebody (Kings of Leon)
My Heart will go on (Kings of Leon)
Smile (Uncle Kracker)
It's Amazing
Somebody's Calling

Third Club (Person of Christ talk)
Dynamite (Taio Cruz)
Never Say Never (The beebs)
Build Me Up Buttercup
Monday (The YL version of 'Friday' by Rebecca Black)
Don't wanna miss a thing (Aerosmith)
Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
Your Love is deep (Jami Smith)
What if what they say is true?

Fourth Club (Need talk)
Living on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)
Party in the USA (Miley Cyrus)
Go Bananas
Baby (J beebs)
Love Story (Taylor Swift)
Change Me (Ryan Long)
The Valley (Drew & Ellie Holcomb)

Fifth Club (Need talk)
The Cave (Mumford & Sons)
Sweet Caroline
Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson)
You Found Me (The Fray)
I'll Find You There
Change Me (Ryan Long)

Sixth Club (Sin talk)
Move Along (All American Rejects)
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
Chicken Fried
The Valley (Drew & Ellie Holcomb)
I Could Run Away (Waterdeep)

Seventh Club (Cross talk)
Never Say Never (The beebs)
Love Story (Taylor Swift)
Just the way you are (Bruno Mars)
Hero (Enrique)
Love Immeasurable (Ryan Long)
Beautiful Scandalous Night
How He Loves (David Crowder)

Eighth Club (Resurrection talk)
The Cave (Mumford & Sons)
Twist & Shout
I'll Be (Edwin McCain)
The Climb (Miley Cyrus)
I Believe I can fly
I Could Run Away (Waterdeep)
Lay My Burdens Down (Ryan Long)

Ninth Club (Response talk)
Don't Stop Believing
I'm Yours
Bleeding Love
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air/Ice Ice Baby Medley
Barefoot Blue Jean Night (Jake Owen)
Prince of Peace
Change Me (Ryan Long)

Tenth Club (Life with Christ talk)
Since You Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson)
Rolling in the Deep (Adele)
Lean on Me
Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)
Sweet Caroline
Light the Fire
I'll Find You There

Christmas Club (Incarnation talk)
See this link for Christmas Club song ideas.

Here are more ideas on how to create a YL band led by high schoolers.
By Monday (Labor Day) I will post PART TWO of this post, a list of newer club songs that you might not have worn out yet. I'd love to post good tab/chord sheets that go with each song. Do any of you have good chord sheets of YL songs that you could email me? YL1941 at gmail dot com.

What songs would you put on the list? Please comment below.


  1. I think you need to do another post with your Spring 2012 club song schedule. Would be so helpful!

  2. Any updates on how these songs went? Did they all work? Were there any that were especially good/not so good?