Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thief of Joy

Who's smarter? Who's funnier?
Who's better looking?
Who has the cutest pair of Toms?

Comparison is a thief of joy.

And it often steals our joy,
even in ministry,
even in Young Life,
even between teams in an area.

"They have better leaders, I wish I was on that team."
"Look how many kids they brought to camp."

"I saw that video they made for club on facebook.
Our club is so lame."

"They're allowed to go to lunch, but we can't. It's not fair."

"I have to drive 25 mins to get to my school, but they don't."

"Our area director stacked his team."

The solution to comparison is celebration.

When you are jealous of someone, sincerely and publicly celebrate them. God designed us so that our hearts often follow our actions. It's hard to stay jealous of someone when you are celebrating them.

At our Team Leader meeting last week our Area Director offered a practical method for fighting this comparison battle. He assigned each team a "sister school." "Sister schools" are essentially another club in your area for whom your team can be intentionally praying. It's a simple, yet purposed practice designed to build community.

It's hard to be jealous of another club in your area when your team is asking how you can pray for them, and actually doing it. I'm excited to see how this develops deeper community between our
YL teams.

How has your area worked on fostering community between leaders/teams? Please comment below with any suggestions.


  1. Love it. We're in a large Metro region with several high schools and we're doing something similar. Once a month we're meeting in what are for now called, "trifectas." At Trifecta gatherings we have dinner, worship, prayer, sharing and planning as three teams. We just started this fall so we'll see how it goes but so far it has helped everyone feel supported and cared for...and any time you get that many leaders together bouncing ideas around you have a lot of fun! They will know we are Christians by our love, eh?

  2. Thanks a ton for sharing David. I love that idea for larger areas. Few things more fun than run-on idea sharing sessions.