Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The 7th C

When explaining Young Life, many of us often use The Five C's, which many staffers expand to the The Seven* C's in banquet talks and parent meetings.

1. Christ*
2. Contact Work
3. Club
4. Camp
5. Campaigners
6. Committee
7. Church*

Over the next week or so we'll be taking a deeper look into "The 7th C" on The Young Life Leader Blog.

God has laid a heavy burden on my heart to keep searching for a better answer to the age old question, "How can YL and the local Church partner together?"

How can Young Life leaders do a better job partnering with the local Church? How can the local church do a better job partnering with Young Life?

If you have thoughts you would like to share, please email YL1941 at gmail dot com.

Guest Post Submissions on this topic of "YL & the local Church" have already been received from California, Iowa, NC, Tennesee, Texas, and Spain. Feel free to chime in via email. "The 7th C" series will start on Monday October 24th.

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