Thursday, October 20, 2011

Banquet Videos

Due to the nature of this post being video heavy, it probably will take a few seconds to load.

Our area banquet is coming up next week. Last year we borrowed Colt Helton's "Friday Night Lights" video idea. I've watched our area's version of it 10+ times and still boo hoo like a teething baby. Here's the Chattanooga version many of you might have already seen. If not, its worth your 10 minutes:

Thanks to Nam Nguyen for sharing that the above video idea actually originated in Houston. Nam's area, Fayette County, GA borrowed the idea and shared it as well. Here is their version below.

Young Life Fayette County 2011 from Nam Nguyen on Vimeo.

This video below shares the impact of 65 years of YL in Knoxville, TN, featuring Governor Bill Haslam and others.

65 Years of Knoxville Young Life from Taylor Lane on Vimeo.

What is YL? A Video by Blount County.

What is Young Life? - Blount County from Taylor Lane on Vimeo.

Yesterday I ran across this video from Lubbock, TX that they used at their banquet last week. This one also ended for me with wet cheeks. Thanks to Glenn Austell and Caitlin Carr for sharing!

Lubbock Young Life MNL 2011 from Glenn Austell on Vimeo.

What has your area done at a banquet that is worth sharing? Please comment below.


  1. Knoxville, TN (Impact of 65 Years of Young Life in Knoxville - 2011)

    Blount County, TN (What is Young Life? - 2010)

  2. We used a video of post-secrets that a camp had videotaped. We put it to Drew & Ellie's "Live Forever" and it was really moving.

  3. Thx for the comments! I've put more of those videos in the post above. Keep the suggestions coming!

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