Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The 25 Most Popular Pre-Club Activities

Thanks a ton to 50 of you for commenting on the Spikeball Contest post this week. You answered the question, "What is your favorite pre-club activity with kids?" Below are 25 of the top responses. Such a diversity of ideas is getting me excited about creating some new pre-club momentum. Thanks again for sharing!


Tron (via Mat) "Dodge ball with hula hoops instead of balls."

Death Hack also called "3 & a Peg" (via Justin Chandler, Carli E, and Derek, the YL College Director at George Mason) How To Play Death Hack


Ninja (via Owen Corcoran, Landon Bush, Joe Vickers, Garrett Gress, Sara Kells, Emily May, and others) Best explained by video.


Taking Fun Photos (via JaQuinn Johnson)

Eat Snacks/Cookout/ Grill Cheese Sandwiches (via Kent Reinhardt, Derek Babb)

Eating an entire Chick-fil-a nugget tray (via Camille Brantley)

Dance Parties (via Owen Corcoran)


Stupid Ninja Game (also called "Sign Football") Here is a video.

Fricket (via Michael Wachtel) Explained here.

Glow-n-the-dark Frisbees (via Amy Fanning)

Round Robin Ping Pong (via Dean)

Link Tag (via Dean)

Kendama (via Nicholas Jackson) Video Link

4 Square (via Ashley Ward, Garrett Gress, and Chelsey Graveseth)

9 Square (via Cody Sletten)

Ultimate Frisbee (Mike Otto)

4 Square Ping Pong (via Trey Walker)
Push two ping pong tables together and play like four square)

Cornhole (via Brett Eckler)

Mafia (via Larry Sauls)

Ga-Ga (via Michelle Perri) How To Play Gaga

Knee Football (via Rod Miller)

Hacky Sack (via Justin Davis)

Buck Buck

Dodgeball in the Dark (via Bradley Messick)

Peel the Onion or Pull Apart (via Lindsay Fox)

Anything else we need to add to the list? Please comment below.


  1. Who won the random raffle?

  2. Amy Fanning.

  3. Every week we play KILL BALL with a group. You get a volleyball and line up in a circle. You volley and who ever doesn't keep it going sits in the middle. The game continues with you volleying 3 times and "killing" the ball into the middle... if you hit the person, the game continues. If you miss, you sit with them. If the middle people catch the ball... it restarts. Painful and probably a guy friendly game - but makes for good bonding and memories with dudes...

    1. Love this Kill Ball idea! Playing it tonight!

    2. Back at Malibu, we called this Smash Face! Best game ever.

  4. i love this game and every time we3 played it. but in our area we call it smash face

  5. We went out to one of the leaders cars for pre-club/opener to see how many students/leaders we could fit in the car without using the trunk; we got 16 people in the car--it was a successful pre-club activity for sure!