Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brilliant Idea For Prizes At Club

Need some good ideas for prizes at club?

We used to go to the dollar store and buy trinkets to give away...

Then we decided to hit up Goodwill for funny junk that could become YL treasure...

Then we bought old dress shoes and spray painted them gold, because who doesn't need a good pair of golden shoes...

But a few month ago I heard another leader in our area tell me what they do at their club. Sheer genius!

Anytime they have games/contests/raffles that require prizes to motivate kids to play, instead of giving away junk.... they give away contact work.

You read that correctly. They don't make a certificate that says "Contact Work." They make a certificate that says "LUNCH WITH YOUR LEADER."

Kids can win milkshakes or #1 combos from Chick-fil-a or any other fast food meal of their choice...brought to them at school during lunch.

What a brilliant idea!

You can download a PDF of "Lunch with your Leader" certificates here. (Thanks to Lydia Smith for creating this to share!)

Make sure to check with your school administration that it's ok to bring in outside food to the lunchroom. If not, give away "Breakfast with your leader" and take kids out to eat before school.


  1. This is a GRAND idea!! Love it - can't wait to give away my time :)

  2. We have young kids at home, so our prizes are often from the discarded toys we have laying around the house. (If you don't have children, ask around. Everyone has junk they want to get rid of!). Oh, and we raffle off a slice of American cheese as the YL Cheese every few weeks. We just write "YL Cheese" on it in Sharpie. It's the coveted prize!

  3. Since camp is upon we are giving away $25 scholarships to camp for WyldLife kids.

  4. We photograph our game winners each week posing with a tiny plastic trophy. The next week we add their 8x10 pic to the wall of fame. Kids love seeing their fabulous mugs up on the wall.

    This will be trickier this year as we are not in a permanent location this year.

  5. http://www.downloadyouthministry.com/boxes