Friday, December 9, 2011

How To Get Kids To Bring Friends To Club

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Sam Travers, a Wyldlife leader in central Illinois, recently submitted the question below.

How can we get our Wyldlife kids to bring friends to club? I've heard of areas that never go into the school and rely only on word of mouth. Our kids pretty much stick to coming by themselves and hanging out with leaders, which is awesome... but, we're really looking to increase our diversity and expand. Any ideas?

Please comment below with any tips for Sam and his Wyldlife team.

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  1. One of the biggest problems we had at my school was getting new kids to come to club. One thing that we did was to make sure we had the most crazy and unique thing going on in that county on Monday nights. We added much more shock factor, insane games and mixers, and had themed clubs. Also, I know that you already know this, but just pray pray pray! Be blessed!

  2. We have the same issue with our Young Life club. We are not allowed in our school, so we rely on word of mouth. As word of mouth is a great way to get kids to come, I would say getting some of the older kids and designating them as "school leaders" would be a great way to do it. They would promote wyld life to their younger friends with flyers that the leaders printed out for them. This designation as a school leader would make an 8th grader feel pretty special. This also gives you time to spend with the 8th grader as you make and give them flyers. Also, going to games and showing your face to new kids is a great way to increase the amount of students coming to club. Hope this helps!

  3. One of the best ways to get kids to bring their friends is to give them leadership in what they are inviting their friends to. If they design a night that feels fun to them, they'll have more confidence inviting their friends.

  4. Kidnap club is a fun and creative way to get kids to "invite" their friends.

  5. We had the whole team pitch in 20$ and offered a free weekend camp trip (we go to Windy Gap for fall weekend) to whoever brought the most new faces to club over a 3 week period. worked pretty well!

  6. Michelle PrillamanDecember 9, 2011 at 2:29 PM

    We have made an facebook group and also a twitter account that post weekly about club and young life events. That combined with handing out flyers at the school on Mondays and also with commissioning the seniors (or in your case, the 8th graders) to be bringing the younger kids and hand out flyers themselves, has really helped bring in new kids but it mostly help us diversify our club! Hope this helps!

  7. Recently having our team leader leave, my team and I made a decision to work as a team with no team leader. One of the biggest problems we inherited was hostility from our school. We are allowed in for sporting events, but not for lunch and before or after school. We managed to get about 10 gets to come to our first all city club, where we told them that unfortunately we didn't have enough people for club. We would still do campaigners and add a few games in, but the only way our area director would approve of club is if we could get about 30 kids. That was about 2 months ago. We now have 30 kids coming regularly simply because the kids who had seen club wanted it back so bad that they started to get more and more people to come, sometimes not even telling them where they were going. We had 5 kids literally brought to Young Life and not even knowing it and they all came back. So if you can get your kids excited about getting people to come, they will do a better job than any leader could ever do. I've also heard of groups having success with fundraising for a summer camp spot and giving it as a prize to whoever brings the most friends to a club. Good luck and hope this helps!!

    -Jimmy Morgan
    West Ashley Team, Charleston SC

  8. With Wyldlife it's even more important to get parents on board. It would be helpful to plan a "community parents Wyldlife meeting" early in January. Cast a vision to the parents and ask them to fill their mini-vans when they are bringing their own kids to club.

  9. When I think of this question I always try to remind myself of the blog post by Donald Miller referring to a publishing company he once worked at.