Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"More Than Words" (With Friends)

I use Google Reader as my RSS feed to follow a few other Youth Ministry blogs. (If you would like to subscribe to The Young Life Leader Blog via Google Reader, just click this link.)

Yesterday in my Reader I discovered the hilarious video below on MorethanDodgeball.com

After I watched it, I sent the video link to two of my high school friends asking them to learn to play "More than Words" on their guitars over Christmas break so we could perform this song at our first club back in the spring. Creativity is just forgetting where you stole it from.

PS- If you don't yet play "Words With Friends," despite it's heavy addiction factor, I highly recommend it as a valuable "contact work" tool. I've had some great conversations with kids in the "chat" feature of the game while we're playing one another late at night. I think it feels safe for kids because you are doing an activity "together" while the "conversation" is occurring.

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  1. I'm sure this is a surprise to no one, but the "with friends" guy was on young life staff for several years before becoming the high school pastor at our church!

  2. Words with friends is an awesome game!!!
    addicting and frustrating and enjoyable at the same time. Biblical times could have used it.
    Imagine the points that righteousness could get or justification. especially Jesus too.
    'J= 10 points.
    But the value of the faith and its terms :priceless.

  3. Wow. That is a really well done video. Whoever put that together is some sort of genius.

  4. I would've put money that the guy in the video was a YLer!

  5. Words with Friends is really an addicted game..I found myself glued on it..I use the ANAGRAMMER in times I'm in trouble.