Thursday, February 9, 2012

Solutions To The Cell Phone Problem

When I recently saw this 'cell phone basket' on Pinterest I thought it was an idea worth sharing. Yes, I'm a dude that looks at Pinterest, go ahead, mock me.

Two other methods we use to "silence phones" at club are:

1. A PowerPoint slide at the beginning of club asking folks to do just that.

2. Having a senior leader introduce the speaker for the night following the last content song. While doing that, the senior leader asks their friends to turn off their phones.

Even with these ideas, cell phones are still a huge distraction. Instead of always fighting against our mobile nemeses, we've also attempted to engage kids by using their phones with text voting sites like and also having kids tweet about club.

Would love to hear any ideas you have used in your club to answer the cell phone problem. Please leave a comment below.

Sean McGever from offered helpful thoughts in his comment below recommending the cell phone basket to be used at Campaigners, but not at club. After thinking about it more, I'm not sold on using the basket during club, it just doesn't jive with what YL is all about. Thanks Sean!

Mark Conrad from also commented below with a fun suggestion to text bomb random, yet preselected, adult friends of YL during club. Love it!


  1. One of the things I think YL does effectively is turn these types of rules into fun things. Just asking kids to turn down their phones isn't effective nor does it match our style/philosophy.

    I didn't come up with it, but the text bomb is always a fun way to get kids to silence their phone. We pick unsuspecting but willing adults in the area to get a text from every kid at club and the kids think it's hilarious for some reason and then, in the chaos and laughter, we all silence our phones.

    At campaigners, we all put our phones on silent and place them face down on a coffee table or something.

    I was in high school when cell phones were first getting in the hands of high school kids. The area director was speaking and a club regular's phone rang during the talk. The area director answered it, and it was a funny distraction, but the incident definitely minimized cell phone distractions for a while.

  2. Great thoughts Mark! Thanks a ton for chiming in! Drew

  3. At club we just deal with it and try to leverage it from time to time with text polls. Sometimes before the talk we ask them to put it away but I don't really like that for club.

    At campaigners we have a cell phone basket and collect them, it helps a ton and they get why we do it.

    1. I like the idea of using the basket at campaigners. It feels a little anti-hospitable to use it at club. I'll update the post with your thoughts. Thx Sean.

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