Monday, March 12, 2012

Club Entrance Video & Contest

*The Contest Below has been extended to April 15th.

Sometimes it's hard to figure out what song (other than 'Party Rock' or 'Tonight, Tonight') to play as the doors open for club to begin each week. Below is a video you can use (as video or even just audio) as everyone enters your club room. And here's
Four More Tips To Begin Club With A Bang.

Special thanks to 11th grader Logan Bowlby in Midlothian, VA for creating and sharing this entrance video below.

Logan's video got me thinking. I'm convinced there are tons of talented high schoolers across the globe who can edit great videos, who love Young Life, and who could help other clubs by sharing what they create. Editing videos together is also a great way for you as a YL leader to connect with your high school friends.

To help get the ball rolling, I'm offering a little motivation, a lil' friendly competition.

Contest Details

1. Best YL video submission wins $50 to The Young Life Store. (And there's lots of new desirable gear in the online store!)

2. Video must be created by a middle or high schooler. A YL leader can help, but a YL leader cannot submit their own video.

3. The video must be generic enough to be used in any YL club in the country. It can be a club entrance video like Logan's video below, a '30 Second Dance Party' video, a camp promo, a video to introduce a specific club game, etc... Get creative!

4. The video must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and the link to the video posted in the comment section below this post, along with 3 things (the name of the highschooler who created the video, the name of the YL leader that told them about this contest or helped them with the video, their city & state.)

5. Your middle/high school friends can submit up to 3 videos. (Videos that have been created in the past, but still meet the qualifications specified in number 3 above, CAN be used.)

6. Submissions are due by April 15th, 2012. The following week we will post the videos for judging and the video with the most votes wins the $50 to The Young Life Store, and a very special blog post featuring you and your middle or high school friend!

You have 3 weeks to motivate your YL friends!

If you're reading in a RSS feed and cannot view Logan's video, here is the direct link.


  1. I love this! Please post more than just the winner once the contest ends. It's hard to find videos to use in club that are general enough without making your own.

  2. Here's a 30 Second Dance Party One!
    Name: Logan Bowlby
    Leader: Drew Hill
    City: Midlothian, VA

  3. Camp Promo!
    Name: Sam Reid
    Leader: Thomas Novak
    City: Midlothian, VA

    1. Sam, send me your email address at YL1941 at gmail dot com and i'll send you the gift certificate. Congrats! Drew