Monday, April 16, 2012

Club Video Contest Winners

Recently we held a contest for all Young Lifers. The challenge was to create videos that could be used in any club across the country. The prize was $50 to The Online Young Life Store.

We had a whoppin' two entries, count that baby, one...two...peace sign. Oh yeah.

Congrats to Sam Reid & Logan Bowlby! Both high schoolers actually live in metropolis of Midlothian, VA. Since both videos are great we're sharing the prize. Logan and Sam each get $25 each to spend at the YL store. Thanks for creating and sharing guys! Fun to think that these videos can be used in Young Life clubs across the country!

From Sam Reid, a YL Camp Promo:

Logan's video to use during a '30 Second Dance Party.'


  1. Thanks, Drew! I'm sorry there weren't more entries, I'm sure there are plenty more creative high schoolers out there!


    1. Sam, don't forget to shoot me your email address. YL1941 at gmail dot com