Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Two Words We Need To Write

Summer is a great time to say

As Young Life leaders there are many folks who've helped us 'do what we do' this past year.  I've been keeping a list of people I personally need to thank and thought I'd share it on here. 

High School Administration
Principles don't have to let us onto campus. If you're at a school that gives you access, thank the higher ups for making that possible. 

Athletic Director
If I calculated correctly, those free Athletic Passes saved our YL team over $400 this school year.  If the AD at your school hooked you up, let him or her know what a blessing it was!

Pastors/Youth Pastors/Churches
Are there pastors and churches in your community who have supported YL?  If so, let them know how much of an encouragement that has been to you as a volunteer leader.

Key Parents
Each week parents of YL kids cooked our team a meal to eat during our pre-club meeting. Can you say BAM!? What a huge gift!  Other parents prayed for us, helped park cars, helped give rides, etc... Let's thank them well!

Did you have some middle or high schoolers step up and serve this year? We had a few kids come early to set up, stay late to clean up, and do lots of behind-the-scenes tasks. They spent time editing videos, picking up freshmen, running AV, etc... I want to make sure they know how grateful I am.

YL Staff
Our area staff folks do a ton to serve us volunteer leaders, many things we don't even know about.  They make sacrifices that make our jobs possible. Let them know you appreciate them.

Who else do we as YL leaders need to thank?

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