Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Jim Rayburn

Today's the birthday of the founder of Young Life, Jim Rayburn. If he was still living today, he'd be 103. 

Jim Rayburn Jr. was born in Iowa on July 21, 1909. He lived a short 61 years in which God used him to start the incredible movement of Young Life. The lives he touched and still continues to impact are countless.

One of the most life changing books I've ever read is Jim Rayburn's biography, "Dance, Children, Dance." It was written by Jim's son, Jim Rayburn III, and you can purchase it here.

Another must read for all Young Life leaders is "The Diaries of Jim Rayburn," compiled by Kit Sublett. You can buy it from the site above or from Kit here.

Jim Rayburn III has also provided a great gift to us leaders by offering free downloads of eight of Jim's Young Life talks given at Frontier Ranch between 1959-1962. You can download them here by right clicking on each link and selecting "Save As."

Happy Birthday Jim Rayburn!
This blog wouldn't exist without you.

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