Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How To Be An Ineffective Young Life Leader

  • Don't remember kids' names. 
  • Teach your Campaigner group spiritual disciplines you don't personally practice.
  • Always send mass text messages. Never call kids individually.
  • Depend on your own ability to win kids to Christ.
  • Retweet all tweets by your high school friends that could get them grounded if seen by their parents. 
  • Don't ask anyone to pray for you and the ministry of YL.
  • Be inconsistent in when you show up at the school and in your high school friends' lives.
  • Talk more than you listen. Especially focus on talking about yourself.
  • Don't get plugged into a local church body.
  • Only befriend popular kids.
  • Make lots of promises to kids, but don't keep them.
  • Be judgmental, always pointing out the faults of everyone but yourself.
  • Compare yourself with other YL leaders in your area.
  • Whenever talking with kids, never mention Christ. You wouldn't want to be too overbearing.
  • Be undisciplined and last minute in preparing all Club talks and Campaigner lessons.
  • Don't let anyone ever know your weaknesses.
  • Make fun of people, especially awkward high schoolers. It always gets a good laugh.
  • Spend lots of time with kids of the opposite sex. Purple is a pretty color.
  • At all costs avoid personally studying God's Word.
  • Never meet any parents. That's too intimidating.
  • Don't become friends with people on your YL team. Don't ever spend time with them outside of YL events.
  • Brag about all your accomplishments. Maybe even break out your high school letter jacket so the kids will know just how much of a stud you truly were.
  • Do whatever it takes to hide your secret sins. Only confess them to God, not anyone else.
  • Lie whenever necessary to protect your image.
  • Don't ever memorize scripture.
  • Always choose being cool over being wise, its more fun to be "one of the kids."
  • When in doubt, just do it anyways baby. YOLO!
  • Make kids clean up after club while you check your iPhone for ESPN scores and to find out who got eliminated on The Bachelor.
  • Keep 'Young Life' separate from the rest of your life. Don't invite kids into your family, home, or church.
  • Tell kids you'll be there and then show up really late or just don't show up at all.
  • Gossip about other kids and YL leaders.
  • Complain about how much you sacrifice to be a YL leader.
  • Draw people to yourself, not to Christ.
  • Don't ever pray for kids.
  • Always be sarcastic.


  1. This was one of the most personally convicting posts I've written. While it is sarcastic, it is also a wake up call for myself. Being a YL leader makes me even more aware of how much I need God's grace. -Drew

    1. I was going to suggest the title of this entry could have been "How to be a YL Leader in need of Christ!" subtitled "Aren't we all?". Good thing I read the title you gave it before reading - I would have thought to myself, "Self! Who was spying on me back when I was a leader?"


  2. Great post. I'm adding this to our new leader training right now.

  3. Well done. If each bullet was termed in positive statements instead of negative ones it wouldn't be NEARLY as convicting.

  4. Just had to fit YOLO in there somewhere, didn't you?

  5. Now is this a joke or something serious? I can see some leader struggling with some of these areas an the tweets called "How to be the Worst younglife leader"

  6. Deffinately convicting and puts things in perspective. Thank you for this.

  7. Definitely a help to young leaders

  8. Adding it to our new leader training/ seasoned leader reminders! Thanks!