Thursday, July 12, 2012

How To Meet Hundreds Of Incoming Freshmen

  1. Pray.
  2. Go buy a box of doughnuts. 
  3. Drop by the high school. 
  4. Walk into the guidance office.
  5. Share your doughnuts. 
  6. Ask if there are any menial tasks that you and your YL team can help them do.
  7. Ask if they need some extra hands during Freshmen Orientation before school starts. 
  8. Get assigned to sit at a table and check in new freshmen during orientation.
  9. Meet hundreds of freshmen and their parents. 
  10. Pray again.


  1. I'd add - develop a strong WyldLife program...then we get to see kids we already know + their new friends while working orientation.

  2. Not sure about wyldlife as we have seen kids get burned out.

  3. That's why WyldLife needs to look different from Young Life. Kids won't burn out on relationships.