Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today's Guest Post is from Ryan Soderberg, a YL leader in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

You've of course have heard of "te-bowing" and the like... so we started "Young-Life-ing." 
Build it up really big at a club that you've discovered the new fad.  Show examples of "tebowing," "batmaning," "planking," etc... but then tell the students there is a new epic thing.


Make it a competition that students are to "Young Life" all over town that week and then post their pictures on your group's Facebook Page.  Tell them all entries must be submitted by ___ (Sunday night?) and that the winner/s will receive a prize (perhaps a camp scholarship).

You can check out our pictures, scroll down a bit and you'll see what some of our students did.  They were doing it at school, work, the mall, sports games, etc etc... Made for a great week! 

As you take pictures, send them to @YoungLifeLeader on Twitter and hashtag all pics #Younglifeing on Twitter and Instagram.


  1. Can we agree to a standard hashtag for instagram on this? A simple #Younglifeing tag would make it easy to find all these for leaders/kids everywhere.