Sunday, January 6, 2013

Operation Extend Christmas: Doing Contact Work With Old Christmas Trees

Thanks to Amanda Farrington, volunteer leader in Charlotte, NC for passing along this fun contact work idea
Operation Extend Christmas: the best way to entertain your high school friends for free! 

Last night we had a YL camp reunion. Thirteen of my friends and I had a cabin reunion to hang out, eat lots of food, and talk about whats been going on since weekend camp. Madison Hill, our camp speaker (he was great, ask him to come speak to your high school friends) shared some funny adventures he took with his YL leader as a high schooler. 

Knowing the girls would be obsessed with pulling some type of prank we decided on Operation Extend Christmas. The whole idea was to stuff people in our cars, blast music, go around the neighborhood pick up all the Christmas trees on the curb and place them lovingly in another Young Life leader's yard. After about 40 minutes and several truckloads of trees we placed 30+ Christmas trees, 1 couch and a shelf in that leaders yard. 

The best part? The next morning we woke up to Twitter going crazy, Instagram pictures galore, and the girls talking about how much fun they had last night. We had a mini photo shoot in the day light so the girls could display their hard work and neighbors stopped by admiring our work and thanking us for taking their trees asking why we did this. Watching high school girls proudly state this was their leaders house and explain what Young Life is was a very cool thing! 

Something fun and easy that makes memories. Operation Extend Christmas...hurry up and do this, for sure a hit!!


  1. Next step is to take all of the Christmas trees and have a bonfire with as many kids as you can get there.