Friday, February 22, 2013

Harlem Shake: Young Life Editions

Yesterday posted some hilarious YL versions of the Harlem Shake. Check those out here.

Below are ten others that have been sent in. Thanks to all those who emailed and tweeted at us! We're doing 'Walking Dead club' this upcoming Monday and will be filming a 'Zombie Shake' that I hope to share on the blog next week. -Drew

The Windy Gap Shake
via @Sir_Walpole_III

The Malibu Shake
via @ConnerMertens

Park Hill YL
via @bailieoconnell

The Wyldlife Shake 
via @jacobrkerr

The Quest Shake
via @ktallmanmusic

West Point Club Beyond Shake
via @bekahsiau


Nease/Bartram Shake
via @PaThomas15

Maryville, TN Shake: Heritage High 
via @JoeGregory14

Wenatchee Shake
via @KyleEberth

JMA/GMC Shake 
via @jccrain

Add the link to your club's Harlem Shake in the comments below.


  1. Here is Taylor YL's Harlem Shake from Cincinnati, OH.


    Akron, Ohio!

  3. Great! Whith Matches:


    Lee's Summit YL's


    Otsego YL, Tontogany, OH

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