Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7 Creative Ways To Hang With Your Middle/High School Friends This Summer

Do you need some creative summer contact work ideas? Here are seven you might not have pulled out of your bag yet. 

Leisure Dive 
All you need is a camera and a pool/lake. Create some great memories and photos. Here are some great examples. 

Driving Range/1 on 1 Golf
Even if you're terrible at golf, the driving range is a fun place to showcase your lack of skill. Also, playing an actual round of golf with just one of your high school friends allows for 3 hours of conversation. Pick a terrible golf course with mud-pits for greens. They're cheaper and provide a good excuse when you play poorly.  

Baseball on a tennis court. Use a broom handle for a bat and have 3-6 tennis balls. It's much harder than it looks to hit a tennis ball with a skinny broom handle. Watching people strike out is funny. Over the tennis court fence is an automatic home-run . 3 strikes and you're out, pretty much the same rules as baseball except only 2 bases, the net and home plate. Trust me, its a winner. 

Cards On A Roof 
Find a mostly flat roof on a not so windy night. Grab a few high school friends, a blanket (or lawn chairs and a folding table) and some playing cards. Add a set of iPod speakers and 6 pack of Stewart's Orange n Cream Soda. Bam. A night to remember. 

KanJam is a fun yet simple frisbee game. Think 2 on 2 Ultimate Frisbee in the back alley with trash cans as your end zone. Set it up in the parking lot of the local late night hang out spot beside a set of corn hole boards and you and your high school friends can be entertained for hours. Also a great pre-club hangout idea. 

Build Your Own Frisbee Golf Course 
Some friends and I recently mapped out a course around our local university. "Throw off the parking deck and hit the middle column on that building, par 4." It's free fun...unless you accidentally dent other people's cars with your frisbee. 

Dizzy Shoe Game 
Thanks to Mackenzie Olson for submitting this idea. Mackenzie writes, "Anytime we're at camp or when there is nothing around to do, I like to con kids into playing the Dizzy Shoe Game. But I don’t call it that… I only ask if they want to play a game. I make everyone put one of their shoes, or a stick, over their head and make them look at it (this is key to the game- the looking up part) and I make them spin around as fast as they can 15 times. Always screaming for them to spin faster. Once they get to 15 they are to throw the shoe and attempt to jump over it. If they truly looked up, and truly spun 15 times quickly, there is zero chance of succeeding and 100 percent chance of laughing very hard. A word of Caution: this is ALWAYS to be done on grass." Thanks Mackenzie for this fun idea. I've already used it multiple times when hanging out with my high school friends and it's been hilarious.

What would you add?


  1. Deathhack- Invented by my high school 5 years ago, deathhack is a fairy simple game. Find a volleyball or soft soccer ball. The game starts when people make a circle and one person gently tosses the ball to the other side of the circle. The groups job then is to get 3 hackeys (kicks, headers, knees) without letting the ball touch the ground. After the 3rd hackey (which, by the way, cannot come from one person consecutively)the ball is live. Any player who catches the ball after the 3rd hackey may throw it at someone to get them out, lie dodgeball. The catch is the thrower may not move. If the person they are throwing at, the thrower is out and the catcher may then throw the ball.
    Its cheap, fun, and gets people involved. Its how we spend most of our free time at camp and can be a good way to form friendships.

    1. Love it! Here's a post on Deathhack:

  2. A bunch of my high school friends and I made a game we called "Dabot". So far all the kids I've played it with have had a blast.
    You get a 500mL water bottle, and fill it 1/4-1/3 of the way full. Everyone gets in a circle and the object of the game is to throw the bottle around your body (or leg or and part or you really) to another person in the circle. Motion must remain fluid. That means no catching the bottle and stopping to think about how to throw it.
    You can either play casually where you go until you get bored, or elimination. Whoever causes the bottle to drop is out!

    1. I like it Alex! Why do you call it Dabot?

    2. You know what, in honestly not sure. I've always kinda guessed it was some sort of derision from "The Bottle" -> "Da Bottle" -> "Dabot" Haha