Thursday, October 31, 2013

3 Opportunities To Serve At-Risk Kids In Colorado

The Dale House Project in Colorado Springs (Boys house)
Read below if you're...

...looking for a Counseling/Social work.
...looking for an adventure this coming Christmas night.
...looking for a job after college starting this upcoming summer.

What Is The Dale House Project?

The Dale House is a residential care facility in Colorado Springs for at-risk teenagers. Many of these teenage residents are juvenile offenders transitioning out of lock-up facilities back into society. Some have been neglected, some abused, and most are not able to return home, if home even exists.

The Dale House opened in 1972 as a special project with Young Life. It was started in response to the alarming nation-wide proliferation of broken homes, child abuse, teenage pregnancy, incest, and drug and alcohol abuse. While no longer officially affiliated with Young Life, the DHP still has many close ties, including a location that is just a half mile walk to the YL Service Center. The Dale House is a led by a Christian community of staff that models community living for the residents. The staff relationships are a priority along with sharing Christ through this community with the residents.

The DHP has a goal to not just share Jesus verbally, but to holistically care for teenagers by teaching them the skills necessary to live independently.

Each year the Dale House takes in hundreds of troubled young people. Most are referred by the Department of Human Services or the Division of Youth Corrections. Though licensed to house children ages 16-21, most residents are around 17 years old and average a length of stay of six to nine months.

Funding for the Project comes from a combination of government agencies who place children at Dale House along with contributions from churches, civic organizations, and individuals.

If you are interested in finding out more about the possibility of working at the DHP (starting next June or September) you can call the DHP at 719-471-0642.

Three Opportunities 

1. There is a full-time position opening in January to work as the Dale House Project Clinical Director. If you have an MA in Counseling Psychology, or LCSW, or MSW supervised by LCSW or working toward LCSW, you may be qualified. Read the full Job Description here.

2. The DHP is in need of a YL approved driver to drive their 14 passenger vehicle with staff and kids on Christmas evening/night from the Dale House, Colorado Springs to Phoenix, Arizona.  If you are interested, please call Kevin Comiskey at 719-471-0642.  They may be able to help with airfare from Phoenix to your destination.  Every year they take the residents to the Grand Canyon and California (to see the Pacific Ocean, Sea World, Disneyland, and other stops), which is their first ever ‘family vacation’ and their first trip out of state for many of them.

3. If you're looking for a job after college, you can apply for the year long training staff program at the DHP. I did it and still consider it one of the most significant decisions I've ever made! I highly recommend it. Find out more by contacting the DHP: 719-471-0642.

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