Thursday, October 17, 2013

As I Am: A New Club Content Song With Chords And Slides

"As I Am" is a newer content song that was done at many YL camps this summer.  It's by Lee Younger who is giving away a free download of the song here.

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Listen to "As I Am" by Lee Younger


When I run (girls echo) from You so fast (echo)

When I’m ashamed of all my past
You’re seeking me with love that lasts
You love me as I am

When all I feel is loss and pain

And I don’t know what I should pray
You tell me do not be afraid
You love me as I am

There’s no one like You (echo)

There’s no one who can
Love like You do
You love me as I am

When loneliness is all I’ve found

And everyone has let me down
You say You’ll always be around
And You love me as I am

When tears and hurt are all I’ve known

And when my heart can’t find a home
You say You want me for Your own
You love me as I am


You gave Your life, You made a way

You stirred my heart, You called my name
And when I got tired of my own way
You loved me where I was
And You love me as I am

Another new content song: I Am Yours

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