Monday, December 9, 2013

Young Life Camp (Instagram Ready) Promo Videos

**This post was updated on Jan 2, 2014. You can now download 15 second Instagram promo videos for every YL camp here.

Parker Stuckey, YL Area Director in SW Austin, TX, recently shared this Instagram video below.  They edited down the original Frontier Ranch promo video to just 15 secs to make it easy to share on Instagram. Such a great idea! 


If you have a 15 sec promo of any other YL camp, you can email it to me here, or tag @YoungLifeLeader on Instagram.  I'd love to collect 15 second video promos from each property and share them all on so you can use them to help promote summer camp to your middle & high school friends. 

December is such a key time to sell camp! Kids can ask for it as a Christmas present and they have some free time over the holiday break to start fundraising. Here is one of the most read posts on about How To Get Kids To Camp. 

Also, an easy way to download other Instagram videos is by using this free iPhone app called Instagrapp

Here's one for Lake Champion submitted by YL leader Sam Reid in Charlottesville, VA. 

Insta-Ready 15 Sec Camp Promo Videos

Castaway Club
Frontier Ranch
Lake Champion
Sharptop Cove
Saranac Village

(Send in one you make and we'll add it to the list above)

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