Sunday, March 16, 2014

March Madness Club Ideas

While some of us are celebrating St. Patty's Club this week, others are celebrating March Madness.

If you're doing the later and need some last minute March Madness club ideas, you're in luck.

March Madness Club Ideas

Have your middle/high school friends come dressed in gear from their favorite college.

As kids arrive have some blank NCAA Tournament brackets for kids to fill out for fun. If you have one place where you have club each week, have them hang their brackets on the wall so you can follow along each week and see who is winning.

Have basketball highlight videos playing before club and during dead time. You could even make one of your own funny basketball highlight reels with your middle or high school friends.


Here are some prize ideas.  Good prizes make games way more fun.

Indoor Knockout with a nerf hoop. Great mixer involving the whole club.

Dunk Contest/Free Throw Competition
Use a nerf hoop. Have celebrity judges who award for creativity, style, and level of difficulty. Pre-select participants. Have them wear costumes: basketball jerseys, headbands, wristbands, tall socks, etc... You could also do a Free Throw Competition with similar style.

Draw 64Put the #'s 1-64 in a hat/bowl/bag. 64 kids will draw and then represent the corresponding team to that number (as the teams are seeded in the NCAA tourny). As the tourny unfolds, whoever is paired with the winning team wins $ off of summer camp. If you don't have 64 kids at club, get each person to draw twice, having a better chance to win. (Thanks to David Page for sharing this idea.)

Ping Pong Ball Fight Game 
Set up a cookie sheet as a mini-basketball court. Place a ping-pong ball on it, and one person on each end. The object is to blow the ball to the other side first. Have them play one round, and then raise the stakes, doing the next round blindfolded. After they are blindfolded, place the ball on a mound of flour in the middle of the cookie sheet. (via

Name That Mascot
Download different mascot images, put them in a power point. Have kids "buzz in" when the image appears if they know the name of the school it represents. (From Dave Pressgrove.)

Use the Sports Center theme song as background music for a game.

At the end of club play "One Shining Moment" as kids are leaving.

For your 30 second dance party, do The John Wall. 

More ideas from

Do you have any March Madness club ideas you can add? Please share in the comments below.

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