Monday, March 24, 2014

Spikeball: A HUGE Discount For All Young Life Leaders

A guest post from Thomas Summers, volunteer YL Leader in Williamson County, TN and Director of Community Development for Spikeball, Inc.

More and more YL leaders are playing Spikeball with their high school friends at Campaigners, camps, and even before or after club. As we all know, the Young Life community has an affinity with certain products. When they lounge, most times they like to lounge in an Eno hammock; when they wear sandals, there is a great chance that they are rocking Chacos; and when they get together to hang out, odds are they're playing Spikeball.

At the New Staff Training in St. Augustine, FL this past January, Spikeball was a favorite activity for many of the leaders. One of the reasons Spikeball is such a great tool for growing people closer together is that the net is circular and you’re constantly getting facetime with your friends. This might be less intimidating than running up and down a court or a field for some kids. It’s also incredibly portable, and can be broken down and put into a cinch bag, so that when a good spot to play is found, you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Over the past couple months, Spikeball reached out to 20+ of the Young Life camps and donated some Spikeball sets to each camp for kids to play with during the best week of their lives. CEO of Spikeball, Inc., Chris Ruder, stated recently: “Young Life has been one of the largest and most energetic groups of Spikeball enthusiasts that we have! I’m hoping that continues, and I’m always looking for ways to give back to that community.”

As another way to give back to Young Life, Spikeball is giving the readers of the Young Life Leader Blog the ability to get a $14 discount on any Spikeball set until Easter. That code is: YLEaster-ks345 and will expire at midnight after Easter. Just enter that code when buying your set on 

(PLEASE don’t publicize this coupon code, but keep it within the YL community. If it makes it onto a coupon website, we may need to take it down.)

For any groups that want to share their pictures or videos of their kids and leaders playing Spikeball, those will be featured if they are tweeted to @YLspikeball.  Groups from all of the country have already been sending pictures in, and it’s been amazing to see how widespread this game really is.

If you’re looking for an activity for your Campaigners group or a way to reach out to other kids in the school in a fun and exciting way during contact work, try using Spikeball as a tool to do that. It’s what the kids are playing, and as you can see…it’s what the leaders are playing too!

Thomas Summers is a Missouri native who moved to Nashville in 2008 and volunteers with Young life at Ravenwood High School in Williamson Co, TN. He spent a year as a radio show host in Japan. Thomas is now working his dream job as the Director of Community Development and National Tournament Coordinator for Spikeball, Inc. When the weather is good, you can find him playing Spikeball with his friends and Young Life guys.

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