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Frozen In 2 Minutes: A Young Life Leader Skit

"2 Minute Movies" have become one of the classic YL skits performed by program teams at summer camps. Here's a script for 'The 2 Minute Titanic" put together by Chris Cockerham. Here's a video of a program team performing it at Malibu 10 years ago.

Below is a new script for a 2-minute version of 'Frozen.' It would make a funny leader skit at one of your last clubs of the semester and could also be used in summer programs this summer at YL camps. Feel free to make changes to the script. -Drew

Download a PDF of the script here.

FROZEN, A Young Life 2-Minute Movie
Scripted by Drew Hill. Ideas were completely stolen directly from the movie and from all over the internet.

Characters: Best performed with 5 people and some quick costume changes.

Female 1: Elsa
Female 2: Anna
Male 1: The King(dad), Kristoff
Male 2: Troll Rock, Prince Hans, Sven (Reindeer)
Male or Female: Olaf (snowman)

Props: Costumes should be simple and easy to change.
  •        3 Burger King crowns
  •        princess costume for Anna
  •         normal princess costume for Elsa and white costume for her to change into when she leaves Arendelle
  •        Olaf costume (be creative- white sheet, carrot nose)
  •        Gloves for Elsa
  •        Ice cubes
  •        Grey hoodie for the Troll Rock

Play the song ‘Vuelie’ (from the Frozen soundtrack) in the background as the following is read.

Narrator: Do you want to build a snowman?  Of course you do. And ‘for the first time in forever’ we owe that deep desire within us to an adorably talkative snowman named Olaf.  Maybe you’re one of the 12 Americans who have yet to see the movie “Frozen,” and if so, just “Let it Go.” While you might not be able to commit 102 minutes of your life to watching a singing reindeer and a princess who shoots ice-blasts out of her hands, we in Young Life have created our own shortened version of the movie, for those of you with shorter attention spans..  “Love is an open door” and it is now, with great joy, that we invite you to walk through that door.  Sit back and enjoy a reenactment of a film that has captured our hearts: The Young Life Version of Frozen: “Two Minutes In Arendelle” (Theme music fades)

(this scene done very quickly, talk fast)
Elsa: (sleeping)
Anna: “Wake up!” Wake up!” (annoying)
Elsa: Go away Anna!
Anna: Do you want to build a snowman?
Elsa: YES! (jumps out of bed)

(Elsa pretends to shoot ice everywhere & sisters ice skate around until Anna falls down and hits her head. Their dad enters.)

King: What have you done Anna?
Anna: (crying) Oh no, my magical powers almost killed my sweet little sister. I will never smile again.
King: We must go see the troll rocks. (Dad carries Anna)

Troll Rock: (Is balled up on the ground and opens up to stand on knees, then speaks to Elsa) You know that thing you did to your sister, don’t do that again, and also, wear these gloves! I’m now going to erase Anna’s memory. ZAP!  (goes back into a ball)

(back to castle)

Anna: (leaning against a door with Elsa on other side)  Do you want to build a snowman Elsa?
Elsa: No, go away, our parents just died but I don’t want to talk to you about it. Just sit alone in the castle for 3 years and deal with it yourself.
Anna: (cries, wails, gets louder and falls asleep.)

Elsa: Wake up Anna, I’m becoming Queen today.
Anna: Oh, ok?, cool I guess?, good to see you too! How was puberty? I didn’t know we had so much silverware. Maybe I’ll meet a guy today.

Elsa & Anna (together sing) “Love is an open door-or-or-or!”

(male 2 has changed from Troll Rock costume into Prince Hans costume. When Hans enters, he holds Anna’s hand.)

Anna: Elsa, this is Prince Hans and we’re getting married.
Prince Hans: Hi Queen Elsa!
Elsa: You can’t get married to someone you just met.
Anna: But he’s really cute and rich and it’s love at first sight.
Elsa: You just made me mad, now I’m going to take my gloves off and freeze everything. Hope you’re happy!
(Elsa throws ice cubes on the ground at Anna & Hans feet and runs off.)

Anna: (speaking to the crowd) I’m going to go find my sister and leave that guy I just met in charge (points to Hans and he smiles really big while Anna & Hans exit opposite side of stage as Elsa exited.)

Elsa: (reenters stage) No one understands me anymore, but it’s okay because I’m going to build a really fancy castle out of ice and just isolate myself while I sing the best Disney song of all-time up here alone where no one else can hear me. (Then she belts out loudly) “Let it GO! Let it GO!!!” (Elsa exits stage)

(Male 2 has changed from Hans into a reindeer costume and enters as Sven while Male 1 has changed from the King into Kristoff. They enter stage where Elsa exited and Anna enters stage from other side.)

Anna: Who are you?
Kristoff: I am a rugged mountain man named Kristoff and I collect ice.
Sven: (opens mouth and acts like he’s talking, but Kristoff actually says the words out loud in a different ‘reindeer’ voice)  My name is Sven & I’m a talking reindeer.
Anna: Cool. You’re going to help me find my sister.
(Anna & Kristoff act like they’re riding a sleigh for 2 seconds, being pulled by Sven.)
(Olaf enters)
Anna: Who are you?
Olaf: I am a talking snowman.
Anna: Cool. You’re going to help me find my sister too.
(Elsa appears)
Olaf, Kristoff, Sven (together): There she is! (pointing to Elsa)

Anna: Elsa, come home, you ruined everything.
Elsa: No. But I’ll accidentally strike your heart with ice (throws ice cube at Elsa) and create a snowman monster to chase you home.

(Anna, Sven, Olaf, & Kristoff all turn and run screaming)
(Sven changes back to Prince Hans in 10 seconds while Anna does quick one-sentence monologue)

Anna (laying on the ground): Now I’m dying again because Elsa did that thing again that made my hair turn white. (if you have a grey haired camp speaker, here’s a good chance to insert a personalize funny comment like, “whiter than Jon’s hair.”)

Prince Hans: (to Anna) I just arrested your sister and am gonna let you die and blame it on her. I never loved you, I just wanted to rule Arendelle. You really shouldn’t marry someone you just met. (runs out towards Elsa)

Prince Hans: Now I’m going to kill you Elsa. (lifts up a fake sword)

Anna: I’ll save you Elsa! (stepping in front of sword and freezing)

(Kristoff runs on scene)

Kristoff: Noooooo!!!   Oh, you’re alive?  I get it, you sacrificed your life for your sister, and that’s an act of true love, so now your heart’s not frozen…but I can still kiss you if you like? Let’s get married!

Prince Hans: I’m going to jail, bye.

(Olaf waddles on scene)

Elsa: Yay! Everyone loves me now. Olaf, here’s a snow cloud so you don’t melt.

All: (singing very quickly, arm in arm) “For the first time in forever there’ll be music, there’ll be light, I’ll be dancing through the night. Don’t know if I’m elated or gassy, but I’m somewhere in that zone, cause for the first time in forever….I won’t be alone!

(End with whole cast bowing together)

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