Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What I Learned At Woodleaf: Part 2

Justin McRoberts recently shared three lessons he learned while serving as Summer Staff coordinator and camp musician at Woodleaf. If you missed yesterday's, you can read it here on Justin's Blog: Real-Life Cost Benefit Analysis.

The last lesson will be posted tomorrow.

Life, Like Dancing, Is About Joy 

The song’s low-end rumbles so deeply I can feel it through the cement beneath my feet, the beat is a steady 4-counts… and the kid in front of me is missing every one.Of course, he doesn’t care how well he’s doing it or how it looks. He’s just dancing.

The vast majority of these kids have little to no training in dance. They might know a few steps to a popular movement like “the Dougie,” but they don’t all do it with precision. And that’s not the point of it all, is it.

Nobody here is dancing because they’re trained or qualified.
They’re dancing because it’s fun.

They’re dancing because music makes us want to move.
They’re dancing because they’re with people that care for them.

They’re dancing because they’ve been told that they are loved unconditionally by the Creator.

Certainly, we can practice and dance with skill and there is deep value to doing so. But having skill isn’t what makes movement “dancing” … I think joy makes movement dancing. Just like joy makes life worth living,.. even worth living with skill.I can so easily get hung up on trying to get life “right,” that I squeeze the joy out of even something like dancing. There are few ways to legitimately “do life right,” which makes that goal as troublesome to achieve as it is boring. In dancing or anything else, joy is a better goal than precision.

I remember that when I’m here at Woodleaf.

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