Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Been A 'Y-L,' But We're Back

Apologies that has been on hold for the past week, but starting tomorrow I'll be posting regularly as the new school year is upon us. 

I was out of commission this past week as Natalie and I had our 3rd child. Macy Heart Hill, who we call 'Heart,' was born August 4th. Honey (5) and Hutch (2) are quite excited to have a baby sister.  We sadly discovered there are no 'newborn Chacos' in existence, but Heart has already napped in an eno and has a couple Young life one-sies... so she should be good to go.  

Macy Heart Hill, 8.4.14
Looking forward to another school year of doing whatever it takes to bring teenagers face to face with Jesus! -Drew 

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