Friday, September 12, 2014

8 Tips For Your Pre-Club Young Life Photo Booth

If you've been to a wedding lately, you might have taken some photo booth pics. It's fun, makes it feel like a party, and everyone loves to see themselves in a photograph. 

As the new semester begins and we meet new middle and high schoolers, a helpful way to remember their names is to do a Pre-Club Photo Booth. 

  • Raid the YL Skit Closet for funny props
  • Hang a solid color sheet for the backdrop
  • Make sure you have good lighting for clearer pics
  • Ask senior leaders or parents to volunteer to run the booth
  • Take 2 pics of each group of kids
    • 1st pic: each person holds a piece of paper below their chin with their name clearly written and their Twitter/Insta handles below their name.
    • 2nd pic- No paper in front of them
  • Post the best pics on Insta and tag the kids in the pics
  • Use the ones with their names to learn names and follow kids on social media
  • If you get any really great ones, blow them up to poster size and use them to decorate your club room. 

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