Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hunger Games Club Ideas: Mockingjay Comes Out November 21

The first of two movies based on the final book of The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay, hits the big screen on November 21st. In anticipation of the movie, you could easily do a 'Hunger Games Club' the week of Nov. 17th. 

'Hunger Games' Club Ideas

Call it 'Hungry Games Club'

Award a camp scholarship $ to the final winner.

Divide into 4 districts and put everyone on 'teams.'

Special Effects
When a kid gets eliminated, play a cannon sound and put their picture on the screen with their name and their district #. Download a free cannon sound here


“CINNA”mon Toast Crunch Eating Contest
Give 6 students a small package box of cinnamon toast crunch…see who can eat it the fastest.

Target Practice
Mark out a target on the ground with chalk or tape. Have kids aim for the center with water balloons. Or draw/print faces on blown-up balloons, tie strings to them, and attach them to some sort of weight to hold them down…kids will have nerf guns, bow and arrows, to aim at the “balloon-people.”

Girl On Fire
Contest between 3 girls to see who can eat a bag of flaming hot Cheetos the fastest.  (Make sure to have a Gogurt or some milk around to cut the burning sensation after the game. It can't be the #BestNightOfYourWeek if you can't feel your mouth.)

Hunger Games Trivia
Use these questions shared by Alex Ridenhour here.

“PEETA” Flip
Two students put swim flippers on their feet, they put a piece of pita bread on the flipper and flip it up in the air and, without using their hands, try to catch it with their face.

Balloon Lives
For a mixer, each kid gets 2 balloons, one for each ankle. Their balloons equal their life. If both balloons are popped, they are eliminated. 

This Means Warhead

Get a couple of volunteers, see how many sour warheads they can put in their mouth without making a face.

Let us know how you have incorporated popular movies to create theme clubs in your area. 

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