Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WyldLife Wednesday: Theme Clubs

Written by Mark Kirgiss, WyldLife Representative of the Midwestern Division.

Perhaps one of the most difficult questions for WyldLife leaders to answer is when their WyldLife friends ask, “What are we doing at WyldLife club this week?”

It's a fair question that some WyldLife leaders avoid, not wanting to give away the “surprises” of club and so leaving WyldLife teens unsatisfied with our answers. Knowing that our middle school friends are still navigating life with the need for concrete answers, having themes for WyldLife clubs can provide both answers to their questions and direction in our planning of club – while still allowing for surprises.

Themes can provide momentum, excitement, anticipation and conversation around each club – for both leaders and young teens. They also provide “dress-up/costume” opportunities along with contact work moments to help our friends design their costumes (a trip to the thrift shop, for example) and be a part of club before they attend.

Starting points for your leadership team in planning theme clubs are as simple as Movies: Star Wars, Peanuts, Avengers; Music: Taylor Swift; and Culture: lumberjacks and bacon. Being aware of current trends and upcoming releases will provide you with resources to consider for theme clubs.
Themes we have used for recent WyldLife clubs include:

  • Superhero Club
  • Donut Club
  • Wyld West Club
  • Glow-vember Club
  • Jersey- Sports Club
  • Ninjas vs. Pirates Club
  • Hunger Games Club
  • Disney Club
  • Denim Club
Theme clubs can provide direction for your leadership team as you plan club games and mixers. However, not every game needs to tie into the theme. Themes can also set the tone for creating memories with your WyldLife friends.

For more themed club ideas click HERE.
What themes have been successful in your WyldLife club? We would love to hear from you.

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