Thursday, January 26, 2017

Super Bowl Party Ideas (Including trivia slides and printable prediction sheets)

Super Bowl 51 is coming up on Feb. 5th. You might be having a Super Bowl themed club this week or even hosting a party next Sunday night. Here are tons of ideas to kick around.

Super Bowl 51 Trivia

Super Bowl Predictions

This is a fun activity to do at the VERY beginning of your Super Bowl party or if you have Club the week before the Super Bowl. Download the 2-sided PDF's here- print them on light green colored paper to make it look more football-y. Award a prize for the person who gets the most correct points out of the 20 questions. Anyone can play, not just football fans.

The Young Life Bowl

Start an annual tradition before Super Bowl club of having the Sr./Freshmen Guys play the Jr./Soph Guys in a pre-club game of two-hand touch football. Call it "The YL Bowl." 

Award an actual bowl that you've decorated to the winning team. You can go all out with this with referees, team uniforms, cheerleaders, etc. Last year we played on a dark field so we pulled lots of cars around the field and turned on headlights.


Encourage everyone to dress football-y or to wear the attire of their favorite sports teams. Have leaders wear ref shirts. They're probably in your YL office skit closet. If not, you can order one here on Amazon Prime for $17.95. You'll get your money's worth out of that thing!


Matt Sloan, YL AD in NC, duct taped a football field in their club room and made 2 goal posts from PVC pipe and yellow spray paint. Great visual!

Start Club: Sing & Flip

Have an American flag flying on your screen and begin the night by singing the National Anthem. Follow the song with a coin toss between two legit fans of each team playing in the actual Super Bowl. Pick someone wearing a Falcons jersey and another person wearing a Patriots jersey.

Mixer "Don't Fumble"

Give everyone a single brown balloon. You can order 100 brown balloons for $14.99 on Amazon. Once they blow up their balloon, they're only allowed to hold it in one hand. They use their other hand to try and pop other's balloons or force them to fumble. Once your balloon hits the ground, you're out. Last one standing wins.


  • Hot dog Hike and Toss
  • Or this game, which is straight baller.
  • Bowling with real bowling pins using a football
  • Football Toss (through a hula hoop, blindfolded, opposite hand, while being tackled)


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