Thursday, February 9, 2017

10 Ways Our Friends in Capernaum Can Lead at Club

Below are 10 ways our friends in Capernaum can be leaders at Club. 

The Prayer Team

Consider your friends who love to pray. Invite them to the pre-club meeting every week that you have club. Ask them to lead your team’s prayer time before club begins. Give them prayer requests to take home with them.

The YL Club Band

A lot of our friends love music. They may not be ready for the music venues of Nashville or Austin, but they are joy-filled song leaders, drummers and even piano players. Give some of your friends the chance to lead music, alongside of your club leaders. Organize time to practice and help them understand why we choose the songs that we do.

Banana of the Week

Sing the "Banana Song" at club and throw a slide up on the screen with a photo & names of the "Honorary Banana of the Week!" Toss them the costume and let them lead the whole club in the Banana Song!


Who doesn’t love a great welcome when they get to club? Assign some friends to be greeters at the door. They can welcome peers, parents, buddies and leaders.


You know you have the kid in your club who loves taking pictures of anything and everything. Invite them to take pictures during club and encourage them to post them on social media, tagging their friends. At the end each semester, have them make a slideshow of their best photos and show it at club. What a fun way to celebrate a semester together.

Friends News

Have two friends, dressed as newscasters, come out to share the news of their friends and what's going on at their schools with newscaster music playing in the background. Show this great slide behind them. From time to time, have them call on a friend in the audience to give the weather news or a report from their school regarding a sporting event, school play or some other news.

Raffle, Raffle, Raffle

Let your friends pass out raffle tickets as kids are coming into club and give them the chance to draw the winning ticket, call out the numbers and award prizes to the winners!


Why not have your friends run games as skit characters. Kids love seeing their friends make fools of themselves. Set them up well by having extensive practice. Help them get great costumes, the right intro music, the props they need, and picking the right volunteers.

"The best way to raise up a leader is to assign them a task and help them succeed." -John Maxwell

Remember, P90 Owen (Capernaum alumni now serving on a summer program team) started by doing characters at club!

Tunnel Makers

Instead of being tunnel runners, let your friends who are learning leadership be the tunnel makers!

Sharing Scripture

Have your friend read or tell the encounter with Jesus that you are using in club. This works incredibly well when you’ve been using the same scripture all semester, but even if not, let them practice and share it along with the leader who is giving the talk!

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