Monday, October 23, 2017

New Club Game: Anti-Pictionary

Written by Ryan Soderberg, Area Director in Wauwatosa, WI.

We were looking for a game that would get the entire group involved, so we created "Anti-Pictionary."

  • Ask for 3 volunteers who decent artists. Then have those 3 leave the room.
  • Explain to the crowd, for each contestant who is drawing, they should guess *anything except for what the actual prompt is.* For example, if it is "a basketball," the crowd guesses anything except for "basketball."
  • You can ask the crowd to get close to make the person up front draw more / point at their drawing / etc (ex. basketball hoop, Lebron James, Baseball, Basket-weaving...) Then, before contestant #1 comes down, you tell the crowd what their prompt is.
  • Once the person comes down, you whisper to them what they are to draw and give them 45 seconds to get the crowd to guess it. Hilarity ensues :)
Watch the game in action below or by clicking here.

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