Monday, October 30, 2017

Young Life College: Best Practices

Thanks to the Young Life College team for sending along these helpful ideas for college ministry. Download the full PDF: Contact Work in Young Life College.

Some of the many ideas you'll find in the PDF:

  • Host tailgates for sporting events
  • Get a membership to the student rec center
  • Eat meals in the dining hall
  • Hold office hours somewhere on campus where students know they can find you (student center/ commons area/library/public spaces). Be visible.
  • Consistently show up at their places of work.
  • Bring your pet to campus.
  • Couching: Set up some couches/hammocks/water in a public space on campus. Hang out and as students come over to see what you are doing invite them to hang out with you.
  • Service Projects
  • Adventure Trip Weekends
  • Board Game Nights
  • Offer Tutoring
  • Job Interview coaching
  • Encourage leaders to participate in other campus clubs and get to know other students. (eco-adventures, interfaith center events, Greek involvement, community nights).
  • Meet with leaders in high traffic/visible areas and go to events on campus with leaders/small group students.
  • Meet students to eat non-campus food. If they are new to the city, take them somewhere fun they’ve never been; this creates a shared memory and often is easier than staring at each other in a coffee shop.
  • Share-A-Story Project: Sit on a bench in a prominent inside and outside area. Have a sign that says “Tell a story for $1”. When someone asks what you are doing, tell him or her you will give him or her a $1 if they tell you a story. It can be any story. Do with a fellow leader.
  • “Walk by events,” such as handing out coffee, freezie pops, donuts, cookies and milk during exams, water in front of freshmen dorms.

If you have questions or more ideas to add, contact Kim Nollan in the YLC office.

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