Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Egg-citing and Egg-celent Club Games

Have any leftover Easter eggs? 

Here's are 5 club games where you can use them.

Game One: Egg Zone

How to play: Arrange 4 NFL footballs upright (preferably using a kickstand). In one minute, stack 4 Easter eggs on the tip of each football.
Suggested items: NFL football, kickstand, eggs

Game Two: Egg Dance

How to play: Balance two eggs on separate flat circular pizza pans held in each hand while traveling from point A to point B (recommended distance 25ft.)
Suggested items: circular pizza pan, eggs

Game Three: Sticker Picker Upper

How to play: Place three Easter themed stickers sticky side up on a flat circular pizza pan. With one egg placed in the middle and only using one hand, roll the egg around the platter to stick each sticker to it.
Suggested items: Easter stickers, circular pizza pan, eggs

Game Four: Egg Tower

How to play: Using 4 Easter eggs and 4 paper towel rolls build a tower. Be careful not to get out of line or it will come crashing down!
Suggested items: paper towel rolls, eggs

Game Five: Sharp Shooter

How to play: Using your hands and rubber bands shoot three eggs off of stools. (The video shows playing cards, but get creative with Easter eggs!)
Suggested items: rubber bands, eggs

Games spotted on the Christian Camp Pro website.

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