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You can now pre-order "Alongside: Loving Teenagers with the Gospelhere on Amazon

I wrote it for you, Young Life leaders everywhere. I hope you'll love it.



"Alongside is a beautiful and practical companion for anyone who wants to learn how to better love the teenagers in their life. I found myself in tears as I read incredible real-life stories of the gospel breaking through the distractions, darkness, loneliness, and pain that often accompany adolescence. It tells the beautiful story of the gospel, and also offers tools that will help you communicate that story well as you walk alongside the teenagers in your life."

Ellie Holcomb, Dove award singer-songwriter

I highly recommend “Alongside” to all parents, teachers, youth ministers and anyone who has a concern for the well-being of adolescents. Drew Hill has invested his life in helping teenagers respond to the unconditional love of God and this excellent book offers practical help that will lead to their lives being forever changed.

Dr. Gary Chapman, Author of The Five Love Languages

Drew Hill is one of the most qualified people to write this diamond of a book. Part artist, part doctor, part philosopher, and part-storyteller, he tells the old, old love story in a captivating way. Alongside is filled with much-needed practical advice for anyone who works with young people. It will be a tremendous resource for parents, teachers, coaches, youth workers, and more. Drew majors in the “Who” we are all looking for. His genuine heart for young people comes shining through. This raw, real, and relevant work will help all who read it find their way and invest in the next generation.

Pete Hardesty, Young Life College Divisional Coordinator and author of Adulting 101

I truly believe this book should be in every household. As a person who works with high schoolers, and many who don’t have dads, I often find myself in a  father figure role. In addition to teaching them how to become men, I also have the privilege to lead them to Christ. This book helps me do just that. It will be practically helpful for parents, teachers, coaches and all those in youth ministry.

Odysseus Wallace, Young Life Area Director, Chattanooga, TN

This book is just so good. It is practical, moving, insightful and spiritually deep. I love how the book is a journey through many lives. The stories are poignant. I laughed and I cried - several times! I love the questions that Drew asks at the end of each chapter. They really make you think and are truly springboards for action. Readers will walk away from this book refreshed, reminded and armed with practical ways to reach kids. It's a loving "how-to" that I want every one of our Young Life leaders to read and apply. I want to send it to all my friends with kids- it is simply an excellent resource and an enjoyable read!

Courtney Lancaster, Associate Regional Director for Young Life in Southwest Florida

Drew winsomely communicates the realities of loving and pursuing kids in the hope that they see and experience Jesus. Whether you're a parent, a church youth minister or volunteer, a teacher, or in any way involved with teenagers, you'll be challenged, inspired and encouraged. Plus, there are great practical "tools of engagement" you'll find helpful.

Ty Saltzgiver, Author of “My First 30 Quiet Times”

When I was a teenager, Drew Hill entered my life and showed me the love and reality of Jesus.  His friendship sparked a faith journey that has continued through college, marriage, and now as a leader in ministry. “ Alongside” captures the essence of what Drew’s life has taught me: God designed his message to live in people. The Word becoming flesh was not an isolated event, but a precedent for all of us.

Zak Ellison, Young Life Area Director, Merced, California

Lists of how-to’s and bullet points describing successful parenting/youth ministry are plentiful and gather dust quickly. Drew Hill does something else. Alongside helps us mouth words of prayer for young people and invites us into their world through vivid snapshots of unfiltered real-life stories. Reading Alongside is an experience, not a lecture.

Sean McGever, Professor of Theology at Grand Canyon University and author of

I think for many of us, we can quickly forget what it felt like to be a teenager. I certainly had those moments as a Young Life leader while also trying to manage the intense world of professional sports.  We forget the pressure to fit in, pressure to perform, and unrelenting messaging of how we just aren’t quite enough.  In Alongside, my friend Drew lays out a beautiful display of what it means to pursue young people, right where they are at.  This book will equip anyone to impact the next generation with the heart of God.

Clint Gresham, Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Champion and best-selling author of “Becoming”

Drew takes you into the world of young people, pulls you into your own life, and sets you down in scripture. Alongside is a great resource to have on your bookshelf through the seasons of life and ministry. As a veteran youth worker and  father of two, this book has refreshed my perspectives and recharged my passion to love young people well.

Cesar Castillejos, pastor, father, Young Life staff

As you read the pages of this book, you’ll see clearly that Drew Hill loves teenagers and loves Jesus. He also knows teenagers and knows Jesus. Drew starts with Scripture, shares stories about teenagers he’s known, and offers practical tools for living out 1 Thessalonians 2:8 with the teenagers in your life.

Julie Clapp, Mission Director of WyldLife

If ministry is to be anything, it is to be incarnational.  In “Alongside,” Drew does a masterful job of using both Scripture and story to show the ministry of Jesus and how it can be lived out among those who love and pursue teenagers.  A must-read for anyone involved in youth ministry.

Jim Branch, author of The Blue Book

There’s a special place in my heart for books that help parents and youth workers share with teenagers, not only God’s good news but their own lives too. A must-read book, ALONGSIDE is refreshingly honest and filled with life-changing, relationship-enriching insights and inspiration.

Fil Anderson, author of Running on Empty

“Alongside” takes you on an amazing journey through the struggles and trials of being a teenager…and the joy that comes with walking alongside them and sharing the gospel. Having experienced this first hand as a lost teenager, then as a Young Life leader, and now a parent of 3 teenage boys, I promise you will want to take plenty of notes as you walk through Drew’s compilation of stories, triumphs, struggles and truths. A great read!”

Dave Alpern, President, Joe Gibbs Racing

Drew's insight has been validated by decades of working with and caring for young people. But this is not just a book about relating to youth culture. It is a roadmap for living life well, at any age and in any community. Read it. Do what it says. The rewards are generous.

Allen Levi, singer-songwriter and author of “The Last Sweet Mile”

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