Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Fun Socks Fundraiser

It's never too early to start thinking about fall camp fundraisers. And who doesn't love fun socks?! 

A ton of Young Life areas have already discovered a quick and easy way to raise money for campership! You can make $10-$15 per pair of socks! 


Honestly, this is the easiest and fastest fundraiser we’ve ever done. Kids love it because they have a tangible thing to sell that quickly pays a large chunk of their camp trip! We’ve had kids raise over $500 in a weekend just asking around in their neighborhood. The Colorado socks were a great success and would highly recommend these as a way to get kids invested quickly!” 
-Ellie Leader with Colorado Springs Young Life 

Selling socks has been one of our best fundraisers! Each time we have made orders we have sold out within a couple days. We have had a number of students pay for their entire winter camp trip and the majority of their summer camp trip by selling socks. One girl sold $400 dollars’ worth in two days.” -Brit Ulrich, YL staff

I know my leaders said I wouldn’t have to pay much (for summer camp), but I was really worried I might not get to go. Then we started selling the YL socks. It was really easy and fun because people wanted to buy them all.....and now I’m going to camp!” 
- A YoungLives Teen Mom who was able to pay for her entire trip to Crooked Creek and met Jesus there!

How To Order

  • You can work with the YL store to design your own style of socks, or select one of the many pairs that have already been designed.
  • Place an order with this Google Form for custom socks with huge discounts by Sept 15th
  • You'll receive the socks by end of November
  • Campers make $10-15 profit every time they sell a pair of socks, because you can buy them for around $5/pair and sell them for $15 or $20.
  • Reorders or questions can be emailed to

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