Wednesday, June 12, 2019

An Easy, Fun Game for the Summer

Need an easy, fun game for the summer?

Place three tables with a watermelon on each table along with a couple hundred rubber bands. Place the watermelon in a wide base, like a bowl to keep the watermelon standing securely. 

To play the game, have two lines per table on either side of the table. As a pair or a team of two, they approach the table, grab a rubber band and stretch it out before they got to the watermelon and placed it around the watermelon.  After they did this they peeled to the back of the line kinda like the Virginia real square dance.

Watch it in action here

Written by Robb Schreiber. 

Robb Schreiber, a graduate of the University of Oregon, has lead WyldLife for 20 years. He is currently on WyldLife Staff in San Diego  and is the Southwest divisional WyldLife coordinator.

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