Looking for a YL Camp Musician to do special music for your weekend or banquet? All of these below are recommended by other YL staff.  

Lou Ruiz (featured January 2017)

James Tutson (featured September 2016)

Matthew Ruiz (featured August 2016)

S. Martin (featured March 2016)

Christopher Williams (featured February 2016)

John Jackson (featured January 2016)

Andrew Ripp (featured October 2015)

Jenny Snipstead (featured September 2015)

Tim Halperin (featured August 2015)

PW Gopal (featured July 2015)

Annie Lawrence (featured June 2015)

Jonah Werner (featured May 2015)

Tyson Motsenbocker (featured April 2015)

Tate Kirgiss (featured March 2015)

Justin McRoberts (featured February 2015)

Judah and the Lion (featured January 2015)

Andrew Osenga (featured December 2014)

Neal Carpenter (featured November 2014)

Sam Heilig  (featured October 2014)

Camp Musicians will be added to this list above as they are featured each month. If you'd like to recommend a camp musician that is not listed below, email us here.

Shawn Best

Scott Cash

Scott Krippayne

Ryan Long

Mark Wagner

Brian Wight

Christopher Williams

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