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3 Ways To Rock Out Your Run-On

Elsa & Catman

Professors of Pyrotechnics

YouTube Vloggers

Synchronized Swimming

Biggest Loser Sumo Wrestlers

Bob Nacho

The Buitoni Brothers

Casey & Barbra-a

DJ Status & DJ Drop It

InstaGrandpa & InstaGrandma

Rhonda Raffle

Other Character Ideas
  • Dancing Janitors: Fresh and Clean
  • Toni and Tonii: Coming at you unplugged, uneducated and totally unrehearsed. Oooooh, baby baby!
  • Coaches: Bring it in. 1,2,3 Whammy!
  • Roller Coaster Operators: They lead the crowd in acting out a roller coaster ride
  • Extreme Walkers (Rollers): (Video) Make video during the week doing “extreme” walking moves
  • (skateboard moves without the skateboard). Give funny names to tricks. “Stick It or Miss It”
  • Misdirection (in lieu of One Direction): Let’s be honest, this is just another chance to dance
  • Game Show Hosts: From Timbuktu to Kalamazoo, we play the games that make you go WOOOOO, so if your games get boo-ed, you’re gonna call who?
  • Magician: Knock down the wall, poke your head thru the ring, cracker disappear
  • P90Owen: Basically, dance along with Owen until you pass out
  • Referizzles: Referizzles from Capernaum-izzle and our games are off the hizzle!
  • Host “Sink or Float”: (Video) Dropping things in a pool and the crowd guesses if it will sink or float
  • Good Morning Young Life: (Video) Wake up kids dressed in costumes and ask them funny questions

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