Sunday, January 20, 2019

Key Dates for Spring 2019

When it comes to planning club, scheduling is half the battle. Below are a few tips, along with some key dates as you think through the new semester.
  • Make sure to look at your school calendar for dates when there's no school.
  • Know when the big school events are (TWIRP, Spring Break, Prom, Graduation, etc...) and avoid scheduling your cross talk on the night of the big game or chorus concert.
  • Know when there is a half/day or early release.
  • When is your high school spring break? 
  • If you have college leaders, when's your college spring break?

Jan. 21- MLK day (Monday)
Feb. 3Super Bowl (Sunday)
Feb. 14- Valentine's Day (Thursday)
Feb. 18President's Day (Monday)
March 6- Ash Wednesday (Wednesday)
March 10Daylight Savings Time springs forward on this Sunday, so after that, you'll have more daylight for club!
March 17- St. Patrick's Day (Saturday)
March 19- March Madness starts
April 1- April Fools Day
April 6 (Saturday) and April 8(Monday) Final Four and National Championship
April 19- Good Friday
April 21- Easter Sunday
May 5- Cinco De Mayo (Saturday)
May 27- Memorial Day (Monday)

You can also find tons of spring specific club plans on this post from a few years ago (exact dates have changed), including ideas for YL WingFest, SuperBowl Club, Love Club, St. Patty's Club, March Madness Club, YL's Got Talent, Spring Break Club, Tacky Prom Club, Cinco De Mayo Club, 8th Grade Club, Senior Night, and more.

Find more theme club ideas here.

Have a new fun theme idea? Email us here!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

21 Alternative Club Ideas to Start the Semester

If you're waiting a few weeks into the new semester to start back with "normal" club, consider still doing something with kids on the normal club night! Below are 21 ideas: 
  • Wing Fest
  • Nerf War
  • Poor Man's Paintball
  • Bigger, Better, Best
  • T-Shirt Rally
    • Similar to Bigger, Better, Best, but with t-shirts instead. Just go knock on doors and try to get the most t-shirts given to you.
      • 1 point = T-shirt
      • 2 points = Long sleeve t-shirt
      • 10 points = A t-shirt from your high school
      • 20 points = Bring back a high school friend who has never been to Young Life
      • 30 points = Bring back a summer camp deposit
  • Digital Scavenger Hunt (use Instagram)
  • Board Game Night
  • Laser Tag or Arcade
  • Matball
    • Similar to kickball except you have extra large bases for 1st and 3rd and both are switched in opposite places
    • After batting, you will run left to get to first base and proceed clockwise around the bases
    • The large mats can have as many people as you like on them
    • If you leave 1st or 3rd base you can go back with no penalty as long as you don't touch or pass 2nd or home plate. If you do go past those, you must continue to the next mat.
    • After passing home you continue back to first base. However, your run does not count unless you safely make it to first base.
    • Click here to see the Soda-Can version of the game.
  • Angleball
  • Manhunt (just a cool name for Hide N Seek)
  • Find Your Leader
  • Couch Olympics
  • Cookout/Bonfire
  • Movie Night
  • Trampoline park
  • Gymnastics/Climbing/American Ninja Warrior Gym
  • Dodgeball Tournament
  • Stickball
  • Party at the local Pet Store or Animal Shelter
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Video Game Tournament
  • Visit a hospital or nursing home

If you have other ideas, email us here and we'll add them to the post.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Raising the Stakes: Holding a Semester Long Competition at Club

Teenagers love competition. Competition already drives many of our mixers and games. What if we took it up a notch and created a semester-long contest? It could help build momentum in the spring.

Here's how it could work:

Create two teams: Use your school colors!

Team 1: Last names A-J
Team 2: Last names K-Z

(I know it would make sense to divide the alphabet at M/N, but statistically in the US, a more even divide occurs between J/K.)

Dividing by last names works as a natural mixer because it's puts people on teams, not divided by grade or gender, but truly randomly.

On the first Club night this semester, explain the following to everyone that there's going to be a semester long competition. Explain the following guidelines, you could even copy and paste them into a slide and put them on the screen.


  • All Club games/mixers/contests this semester will award points to the winning team.
  • At the end of every month (4 Clubs), the team with the most points will win free dinner at club (Pizza, dessert, drinks, candy, etc...). The losing team will just have to watch the winning team enjoy the food!
  • There will be an awards dinner at the end of Feb, and another at the end of March.
  • At the end of April, the end of the Club semester- whichever team has the most total points will win sweet YL Intramural Champion t-shirts!
  • You get 200 points for your team just by showing up at Club.
  • You get 500 points for your team when you bring a friend with you to Club for their first-time.
  • Your gets 2000 points when you win a Club competition, like a game or mixer.

There are tons of other ways you can give out points. Similar to camp, you could throw out frisbees and give 10pts for each one that is retrieved. You could also do a handshake contest and have each team create their own handshake. Judges decide who gets the points.

Encourage teams to wear their team colors when they come to club. It's also fun to pass out red and blue bandanas on the first night when you're explaining the competition. Order enough red and blue bandanas for each person to have one. I ordered these on Amazon and they're great and only $1/bandana.

It's essential to have 2 unbiased folks who are not on a team, but are simply designated scorekeepers. They keep track of who is there and who wins the game. You probably have some folks in your club who would much rather be the statistician than participating in games. This is a good opportunity to give them ownership and a chance to serve. (Here are 10 more ways to give kids ownership at club.)

If you call Papa Johns or most any pizza chain, they will give you large, 1-topping pizzas for $6-7. Ask them to cut the pizza into 10 slices instead of the typical 8, this just makes it go a little father. Estimate 2.5 slices/person or 5 people/pizza. If you have 40 people, you need 8 larges. 8 x $6 = $48. Plus tax and drinks= $65. Ask some parents to send desserts and also give them a chance to help chip in some money. Raising $65 to feed 40 people once a month is very doable!

If anyone likes to make design and can come up with a sweet YL Intramural Champs shirt design, send it our way and we'll share it on the blog!

If anyone gives this a shot, let us know how it goes! We did it last semester and it was really fun!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Starting The New Semester With A Bang!

Below is a great idea for starting off the new semester. It was shared by Lauren Bowen, volunteer leader in Rockingham County, VA.

Last year my YL team and I wanted kids to return to a warm welcome after us being apart over the holidays. The first club after Christmas break can be a challenge--making sure that we don't just put on an event, but that we reconnect with kids and continue to build relationships with them.

Our idea? 

"Ringin' in the New Year (a little late) 
with Young Life Club!"

We did it last January and kids LOVED it and definitely responded. We spent the first 30 minutes of club just hanging out to meet new kids and reconnect with the ones we already knew.

Club elements we included to ring in the new year:

  • A photo booth for the kids to take pictures. We encouraged kids to dress "Classy and Flashy!"
  • We asked Campaigner kids and their parents to bring an appetizer to share (It is essential to bring Campaigners in on this so they share responsibility and ownership of Young Life in their school)
  • We started club with the Times Square Ball Drop! We counted down together and went crazy with noise makers! So fun!
  • Instead of the usual songs, we did a "Best of 2014" mashup!
  • Since we opened the evening with a 30-minute hang out, we didn’t do a skit or run-on. We created a mixer instead! We split the kids into their grades. We gave them about 5 minutes to write a toast to represent the past year. Then one person from each grade presented the toast. It was fun, and a good laugh!
  • Lastly, my teammate, Terry, shared with the kids what Young Life was all about, why we wanted to get to know them, and that we welcome them to come hang out with us or talk about life anytime!

We rang in the new year with our first club centered on relationships, unity within the school, and Jesus. We can all toast to that. We hope this is idea is helpful and encouraging as you start club this semester. 

Happy 2018!

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fortnite Simon Says

Shared by Shane Spell, Young Life North Coast Area Director.

Our WyldLife leaders had a brainstorming time and came up with “Fortnite Simon Says”. You don’t even have to know how to play Fornite to have a great time with this club mixer.
Begin by having a leader (bonus: have a kid help!) teach the entire group a variety of Fortnite dances. Probably best not to wing this piece! Perhaps the most Fortnite-fluent leader could lead things, or you could get together ahead of time with some kids and learn a variety of dances. There are plenty of choices! Here are the ones we used for the game debut:
  • The Robot
  • Disco Fever
  • Floss
  • Orange Justice
  • Take the “L”
  • Tidy (Keep it Tidy)
  • Hype
  • Rock Out
  • Best Mates
  • T Post
Play Simon Says with the dances everyone just learned! Easy as that. We did a practice round, and then raised the pressure with eliminations for not listening closely to “Simon Says”. And no, the leaders didn’t dance “Take the “L”” when a kid got eliminated. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

WyldLife Wednesday: Spring Theme Club Ideas

Written by Julie Clapp, national director of WyldLife.

Talk to most WyldLife staff, and they’ll tell you themes are a great way to engage middle school kids in club. Themes can make club feel more like a party and give leaders a place to start as they plan mixers, games and music. When club has a theme, kids can look forward to something specific. Kids (and parents) start asking “What’s the theme?” and create excitement for club.

Just remember that middle school kids would rather participate than watch so whatever your theme – it’s best to emphasize mixers that involved every kid rather than up-front games with a few kids.

Glowstick or Black Light Club

Kids wear white T-shirts. As they arrive, give them glowstick necklaces and highlighter pens to decorate shirts. Turn off the lights and play games under the blacklights. Another idea? Give kids fluorescent post-it notes and tell them to stick notes on someone wearing tennis shoes… someone with a ponytail… their WyldLife leader. Don’t forget to include a short dance party.

Guys V. Girls Club

Build club around group competitions, starting with best attendance. Plan mixers and games that feature guys competing against girls. Award points for each round and declare a winner. Other ideas? Battle of the classes – assign each class a color and encourage them to wear T-shirts representing their class. Or if you have multiple schools in one club, let schools compete.

Tailgate Club

Kids wear their favorite jerseys. Choose activities that highlight hotdogs and football – a hotdog eating contest or a football toss through hulu hoops. Play “Don’t Fumble” and give every kid a brown balloon to blow up. They must hold their balloon with one hand while they try to pop or knock away other “football” balloons.

Instagram Club

Divide kids into groups with their leaders. Announce categories one round at a time and ask teams to make a video or take a picture that fits. (Build a pyramid. Imitate your favorite WyldLife leader. Walk the red carpet.) Then project the videos or photos and lets kids see themselves on the big screen. Be sure to include a hashtag for the club so you can gather the videos and photos.

Birthday Club

Celebrate every kid’s birthday in one night. Play classic birthday games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey or let kids take a swing at a piƱata. Sing “Happy Birthday” and end club with a piece of birthday cake for every kid.

Hungry Games Club

Plan a club where every element involves food. Kids toss tater tots dipped in kitchen into their partners’ mouths. Put fast food in a blender and let kids guess which meal is which. Everyone plays paper plate musical chairs or participates in a relay passing raw biscuits from forehead to forehead.

Holiday Clubs

Keep it simple and plan club around the nearest holiday. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween – all can be great themes for club. (Valentine’s Day can be a little trickier with this age group, so be careful here.) Use the JibJab app to make your kids and leaders the stars of holiday-themed videos.

A few more WyldLife thoughts…


Remember that middle school kids often lack self-confidence and want desperately to be accepted. If the theme involves dress-up that is too elaborate, some kids may not to come to club because they are insecure about what to wear. Keep themes simple so that every kid can participate - wear red, white or blue for ‘Merica club. Or be ready to help them fit in - give kids leis as they walk in the door for Hawaiian club.

Big Picture

Now that high school clubs often feature themes as well, you’ll want to have an area strategy for club so kids don’t see the same themes year after year. There may be some themes that you reserve exclusively for WyldLife and others that are reserved for high school club.

Find 131 more YL Theme Club ideas here.

Find tons of great WyldLife ideas on!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

50 Questions for New Year's Eve

Each New Year's Eve, Natalie and I have a tradition of reflecting on the past and dreaming about the future. We use these "Questions For The New Year" (also copied below) as a starting point for our conversation. Hopefully, they can be helpful to you as well. 

If you want to go deeper in reflecting on the past year, you can download "The Great Annual Examen" for free from the Potter's Inn website.

If you're tired of making and breaking new year's resolutions, consider making a "Rule of Life" instead. Check out this Rule of Life from missionary, Adonirum Judson:

1. Be diligent in secret prayer, every morning and evening.
2. Never spend a moment in mere idleness.
3. Restrain natural appetites within the bounds of temperance and purity. ‘Keep thyself pure.’
4. Suppress every emotion of anger and ill will.
5. Undertake nothing from motives of ambition, or love of fame.
6. Never do that which, at the moment, appears to be displeasing to God.
7. Seek opportunities of making some sacrifice for the good of others, especially of believers, provided the sacrifice is not inconsistent with some duty.
8. Endeavor to rejoice in every loss and suffering incurred for Christ’s sake and the Gospel’s, remembering that though, like death, they are not to be willfully incurred, yet, like death, they are great gain.

Happy New Year! 

Drew and the crew

Questions From Last Year

-The most fun times you can remember

-Terms you would use to describe yourself over the past year
-Memorable things you heard people say
-Times when the Gospel came alive
-People you came to appreciate in a new way
-Music that touched you deeply
-Ways that you changed
-Sermons/talks that rocked your world
-Movies that impacted you
-Things that books taught you
-The most compelling philosophical insights you encountered
-Times when you entered a place of mystery
-People who came through for you
-Ways you messed up
-Ways that you were magic
-Times that God took you by surprise
-The most stimulating discussions
-Things you remember that you'd rather forget
-The most difficult times
-People who poured out their souls to you
-People you poured your soul into
-Ways you were challenged
-Times when everything was going wrong and suddenly turned out right
-Your most significant accomplishments
-What spiritual practices generated the greatest benefit to your soul
-Was there any anger, guilt, greed or jealousy that needs to be resolved?
-How did you do with your finances? To whom did you give generously?
-Did you cultivate your prayer life?
-How did you do as a father/mother?
-As a husband/wife?
-As a son/daughter?
-As a grandson/granddaughter?
-As a brother/sister?
-As a friend?
-If you were to give this past year a title, it would be:

Questions For The Upcoming Year

-What hopes do you have for the coming year?

-What apprehensions do you have?
-What one change could you make in your behavior in this coming year that would help you to live in greater alignment with your values?
-What daring/thrilling things will you try?
-What would you like to change about yourself?
-If this new year is to have a title, what do you want it to be?
-If you knew now that this coming year would be your last year on earth, what would you do more/less of?
-What major things do you want to accomplish this coming year?
-Who do you want to get to know better this coming year?
-Any wild predictions about what will happen throughout this nation and the world?
-Who are the top ten relationships you intend to influence this year?
-How will you be more intentional with these people than in the past year?
-What has to happen in this coming year for you to label it “your best year yet?”
-What is the wildest, most unconventional thing you could do this next year to live with more passion?
-What out of the box thinking could you do in your job/ministry?
-How will you honor God with your finances this next year?
-In what specific areas will you give more generously?
-Who will hold you accountable to be at your best this next year?
-What are the most purposeful daily habits you could develop/upgrade over next 12 months?
-Identify specific messes or clutter projects you’d like to clean up in the next 12 months:
-Proverbs 22:1 says “A good name is more desirable than great riches.” Identify 3 qualities you’d like to see associated with your name as well as how you’d define each quality.
-How will you take better care of your health in this next year?
-What will you do to daily renew your mind?

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Christmas Club Ideas (and Mr. Christmas Tree Pageant)

Christmas is only a month away! Below are tons of ideas we've used in the past to for "Christmas Club." 

Christmas Club Schedule
On a typical Monday, we start club at 7:37pm, but for this particular event, we start earlier to allow more time for the Mr. Christmas Tree pageant.

6:50-7:20- Pics with Santa/ Awkward Christmas Cards
7:20- Seniors form entry tunnel
7:22- Tonight, Yes, Tonight- Buddy the elf (host)
7:23- Christmas Medley (band)
7:26- 12 days of Christmas (mixer & song)
7:30- Mr. Christmas Tree Training Video
7:35- Mr. Tree group dance
7:40- Buddy the elf spaghetti game
7:44- Judges Panel introduced
7:45- Talent Competition
7:59- JibJab Elf head video
8:02- Announcements
8:04- Parade of Trees (Runway Script)
8:12- Contestant Interviews
8:16- Text Message Voting
8:19- Joy To The World
8:23- What Child Is This?
8:26- Intro speaker
8:28- Talk
8:43- Crown Mr. Christmas Tree
8:48-exit music

Mr. Christmas Tree Pageant

Brian Summerall started doing "Mr. Christmas Tree" at Pearce High School in Texas many moons ago. You can read more about his vision for the pageant on his website

Since then, the idea has spread all over the country. Many YL clubs have each grade nominate one guy to represent their class in the pageant.

When we started doing it 9 years ago, we decided to make it a senior guys competition- a sort of rite of passage. It's created momentum and gave the underclassmen something to look forward to when they became seniors. This year's senior guys will compete, many remembering their first ever Mr. Christmas Tree Pageant they watched when they were freshmen. The last few years we've had around 15-20 senior guys compete. Each of them brings friends to club to "vote" for them, so it typically is our highest attended club of the year. Because of the energy surrounding the event, we also make it the first night folks can sign up for our summer camp trip.

*We also do a similar event, "The Ms. Valentines Pageant" for the senior ladies in February.

Talent Competition

A fun way to get teachers, coaches, YL committee, and former YL leaders involved is to ask them to serve on the Judges Panel.

If you select one guy from each grade, or use 4-8 total guys, each guy could have time to perform an individual talent like dancing, singing, silly tricks, etc... In that case the judges panel could help keep a running score.

If you have more than 8 guys, I'd recommend putting the guys into "talent groups." Last year we had 4 groups of 4 guys.

You can decide if the panel determines the winner, or if you vote by applause, text message, or by the audience each circling a name on a ballot you pass out towards the end of the competition.

12 Days of Christmas Skit

Here's a funny skit idea for 2 of the contestants to do together while the rest of the contestants sing the 12 Days of Christmas. It feels a little long so I might just do it once starting on the 12th day.

Parade of Trees

Some clubs duct tape actual trees to guys, which is hilarious. We encourage guys to dress as tree, open to their own interpretation. Some use actual tree branches taped to their body, some wear ornaments, tinsel, star hats, popcorn strings, some dress in green and brown, but every one of them is covered in strands of Christmas lights. After they walk down the runway onto the stage, we have a couple of power strips where they each can plug in their lights. (Some use battery packs)

During their runway walk we have an announcer reading a funny 'runway script.' Each guy submits personal stats they would put on a resume and we work together on making it funny. Here's the script we used from a previous year. In the past I have asked the PA announcer at our high school football games to come in and read the script in his awesome football announcer voice.


We typically have someone dress up as "Buddy The Elf" and host the entire evening as sort of a Ryan Seacrest/Will Ferrell combo character. It helps the flow of the evening if one person is directing stage traffic.


If possible, get last year's Mr. Christmas Tree winner to return home for this club to crown the new winner. Create an elaborate "sash and star crown" for the presentation. We're doing this after the talk in order to give time to tally the votes during the talk, and it's a fun way to conclude the evening. You can also have kids vote via text messaging using


If you have just a handful of contestants, each guy could make their own "entry video" or "training video." They could be practicing singing, doing pushups, running bleachers, visiting a Christmas tree lot, painting themselves green, duct taping branches on their bodies, drinking lots of egg nog, etc...
If you're using a lot of contestants, make one training video together. Here are some examples of videos from other clubs:
Pearce Young Life
Pearce Young Life 2012
Wichata Falls Young Life
Amarillo Young Life
Delta County Young Life


Ask friends for BIG inflatables and borrow Christmas lights. Click here for more details.

  • Rudolph, Feliz Navidad, and Jingle Bells are good fast ones.
  • 'What Child is this?' and 'Silent Night' are good slow ones.
  • Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is you" is good background music for fillers and games.
  • "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" by N'Sync is a must.

12 Days Of Christmas Song & Mixer

As a mixer, use the song "12 days of Christmas" and divide your club into 6 groups. Group 1 will have "the 1st day of Christmas and the 7th day of Christmas, Group 2 will have day 2 and day 8, etc... Personalize the song to fit your club. Ex: If you took kids to Crooked Creek and the program team used Skippy the fish, then you could change the lyrics to: "On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, Skippy in a Crooked Creek." Get creative.

Balloon Antlers

Get a few pairs of pantyhose and a bunch of balloons and have teams of 4 work together to blow up the balloons and then stuff them to see who can make the best reindeer antlers in 90 seconds.


If you need a large group game you can play "Encore" or "Sing-off" and have each class compete (team of freshmen, team of sophs, etc...) to sing Christmas carols. If they repeat one that has already been sung, they are out. This works pretty well if you have team captains for each group.

Little Nemo Elf

The traditional "Little Nemo" skit works great with Elves. It's explained here.

Christmas Carols with Helium

Name that Christmas Carol

Buddy The Elf Spaghetti Contest

Start it off by showing the clip from the movie Elf whereWill Ferrell eats spaghetti with maple syrup, marshmallows, m&ms, & skittles. Then have a character come on stage dressed as an Elf. You can buy an "elf shirt" lots of places like Walmart/Target or online at Elf Shirt Purchase. Have "Buddy the Elf" come out with all the ingredients mentioned above. You also need a tarp, towels for the kids to clean up with afterwards, theme music to play in the background, and bowls. Have the kids race to eat with their hands. Give out decent sized portions where a kid can actually eat it all in a minute. If you put too much in there, it will take too long and be a dud.


Create a JibJab video of your YL leaders heads on the bodies of elves. You have to pay to download it, or you can just show it if you have WiFi where you have club.

Awkward Family Christmas Cards

Pics With Santa

Invite a committee member or parent to dress up as Santa and have kids get their pics taken with him. Invite another adult to take the pics in order to free up leaders to be with kids. Lighting is key for good photos. Chances are you have a parent or friend of YL in the community who loves photography, has a sweet camera, and would love to do it for free.

Candy Canes

Pass them out before club. They're cheap and festive.

Ugly Sweaters

Encourage kids to dress up in their ugliest Christmas sweaters. Odds are, their moms probably have some sweet ones in the attic. If not, a Goodwill trip is always great contact work.


Here are a few ideas thanks to Sean McGever and

Monday, November 19, 2018

$10,000 for Young Life Capernaum: #PedalWithAPurpose

If you haven’t already been following, Matt Broshat is biking the perimeter of the United States and fundraising for Young Life Capernaum in Minneapolis, MN. He's already raised close to $10,000!!!

Over the past 104 days, Matt has already ridden over 7,000 miles of his 11,000 mile adventure. Along the route, he has been visiting Young Life camps (Castaway, Timber Wolf Lake, Saranac and most recently Southwind) and attending Young Life clubs all across the United States! 

You can check out his website and Instagram @bikerbroshat to follow his pedal with a purpose.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt

Below is another fun Christmas club idea, similar to "Bigger, Better, Best!"

The Human Christmas Tree Scavenger Hunt gives kids and leaders an opportunity to laugh and play – and also allows parents to get involved.

The Big Picture
Teams visit houses in the neighborhood looking for items to “hang” on their human Christmas tree – one of their team members. They’re not asking for actual ornaments – just something red or something with lights or something reindeer-y that will not be returned to its owner. 

Feel free to use/adapt this list for your own scavenger hunt.

These items are taped all over the human Christmas tree. All teams meet back at club for a Christmas tree presentation, judging, awards and a club talk.

The Details
Kids, leaders and parent drivers meet at your club location. Explain the scavenger hunt rules and then divide kids into teams with one parent driver or leader per team. Tell them that this scavenger hunt isn’t a race – it’s more about creativity. Give each team the ending time and a point list, and send them on their way.

If your club location is in a neighborhood, you may not even need drivers - teams can walk to nearby houses instead. But you might consider assigning streets so three teams don’t hit up the same houses over and over again.

Whether you’re driving or walking, you can also assign one house for each team to do all of their “ornament shopping”. Talk to parents/homeowners the week before so they are ready for a team of middle school kids to invade their house.

At the end of the scavenger hunt, gather kids back at your club location. Let each team present their “tree” to the judges – your parent drivers or other parents you’ve invited. One of your leaders can give a short Christmas club talk followed by an announcement of the winners. You can give awards for the highest point total, but also for the most creative, tiniest or funniest “ornaments."

Consider ending the night with a hot chocolate bar: parent baristas serving hot chocolate with toppings like whipped cream, candy canes, sprinkles, chocolate chips and more.