Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Young Life Leader Infomercial

I'm not sure who the genius is that made this video below, but I just took off my hat, stood beside my computer and saluted you. The people in Bruegger's Bagels are now staring at me, but it's worth it. Whoever you are, well done.

I just saw that below the YouTube video it says it was made by Sammamish/Issaquah Young Life. This southern boy can't pronounce either of those words but Google just told me it's in Washington state.


  1. This is the newest Capernaum staffer in our region! Scott is hilarious! WOO!

  2. Oh p.s. "Iss-a-quaw" and "Sa-mam-ish". It's an ongoing joke in our state that no one can pronounce our Native cities/towns... :)