Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why Kids Don't Go To Camp: 5 Excuses

Most of us are convinced there are few better ways to introduce our friends to the Gospel than at Young Life camp. 

Most of us are also currently discouraged because many of our friends will not get that chance this summer.

Why not?  Why are kids not going to camp?  

Over the years I continue to hear five main reasons why my high school friends say they can't go to camp.   

The Five Excuses
  • My Friends Aren't Going
  • I Don't Have The Money
  • My Parents Won't Let Me
  • I Have Schedule Conflicts
  • I'm Afraid Of The Unknown
In a majority of cases, we can help eliminate these excuses. Starting tomorrow we'll look at some strategic ways to address each of these five excuses because it's not too late to get them signed up!

If you have thoughts about how to get your friends to camp, please comment below.

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  1. Money is one that I have just told my high school friends will NOT be an excuse, period. Even though it's scary, the Lord has always come up with the money when it's needed to happen. Ask them what they can pay, call their parents yourselves and talk to them about it, sell your TV, come up with a plan to help them pay over time, call relatives and see if they can pitch in $20, make a site on so people can give what they can. Tell your highschool friend that money is not a barrier.
    Also, when they say "my parents won't let me" I would encourage us as leaders to actually get in touch with their parents and see if that's true. Sometimes kids just want to place the blame there so they don't have to admit that they don't want to go.
    The "none of my friends are going" excuse is when you really invite them to be YOUR friend that week. When you have spent time with that highschooler and earned the right to be heard, you can invite them to go to camp WITH you. It may seem like a small distinction, but it can make all the difference. Coming at it from the perspective of: I really want to spend a week at camp hanging out with you can make a difference because they have less of a fear of being alone all week.