Friday, December 21, 2012

She Made Them Cookies

We have a spunky leader on our Young Life team named Wendy. She's an empty-nester with a mama's heart and a tattooed past. Last week she gave the talk at Christmas Club. 

As she told the good news of Jesus' birth, she shared specific ways of how Christ had transformed her own life.  She spoke of Jesus as a Wonderful Counselor, as the Mighty God, as an Everlasting Father, as the Prince of Peace. 

As her talk ended, she did something I've never seen done before in a Young Life talk.

She said, "Just as God has given us the gift of His Son, I wanted to give each of you a gift to help you remember just who Jesus I baked each of you a cookie. I baked them with love, and I've put  Isaiah 9:6 on them as reminder of Christ's love for you."

As kids poured out of club, Wendy passed out almost two-hundred of those individually wrapped reminders of goodness. 

The cynic in me wondered if it was worth the long hours of baking and packaging. It's just a cookie, right? Wendy, girl, I could've saved you some time, I've got a Costco card.

But it was more than just sugar and chocolate. 

Afterwards kids' hugged Wendy like she was their second mama. Then many of them took those Isaiah 9 stickers off the wrappers and stuck them on the backs of their phones. It was beautiful to watch the joy on the faces of kids who knew they were loved.

On Monday night...

They heard love. 
They saw love.
They felt love.

And because of a leader named Wendy, who has been transformed by Love, kids even got to smell and taste it.    

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