Friday, June 21, 2013

I Am Yours: A New Young Life Content Club Song

Listen/watch the video of 'I Am Yours' on YouTube.


In our local YL club, we often have a hard time finding 'content songs' that fit well with talks we're giving during the semester.  Typically we have to choose between a secular radio song that alludes to the topic or a straight up worship song. There aren't many songs that fall lyrically in between, written for teenagers who are trying to figure out what they believe. 

A year ago I wrote a song for us to corporately sing at club. It went along with a person of Christ talk I was giving. 'I Am Yours' caught on and became a club favorite on Monday nights, so I wanted to share it with y'all as well. 

I asked some friends, Jenny & Tyler, to record it and they graciously obliged. If you haven't yet heard their music, you're missing out. Seriously. They're incredible. 

J&T were asked to do a YL summer assignment, but had to decline because they're about to have a baby! You can read their YL story and download free J&T music here.  

'I Am Yours' is available so you can sing it in your club/camp. Download the mp3, lyric slides, and guitar chords below. 

An mp3 of 'I Am Yours' on
An mp3 of 'I Am Yours' from Google Drive
An mp3 of 'I Am Yours' from Dropbox

PowerPoint slides 
Keynote slides

Guitar chords in C 
(Same key as Jenny & Tyler's recording in capo 1)
Guitar chords (E A B)

View the lyrics

Thanks to Jenny & Tyler for recording this as a gift to the Young Life community! 

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